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Zucker&Jagdwurst, that’s Isa&Julia from Berlin. We launched on 29th of April 2016. We got to know each other via „Mit Vergnügen“, Berlin’s best online city magazine and ever since then, we mainly ate together, talked about food or went out to search the best vegan burger in town. So what could be more natural than to give all those things a pastel colored, comfy home? We’re vegan and love seitan steaks as much as lentil bolognese or ‘egg’ salad. On a savory dish follows a sweet one.. and then a savory dish and then again a sweet one. We’re not into counting calories and even when the going gets tough, there’s always some space for a little hot dog in our belly. For us, there’s nothing better and sitting around a table with dearest people, eating lasagna knowing, that a cheese cake is waiting in the oven. We’re more than happy that you’ve found your way to this blog.

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Julia & Isa

Credits: Anne Rosali

As a child, Julia wanted to be sausage seller. Today rather not. If she’s not cooking at the moment, she thinks about what to cook next. On @thisishowwelunch and together with Milena&Marie, she’s showing what she’s eating at lunch in the office every day. That’s Julia’s kitchen:

Z&J Kitchen

You may know Isa as “Fräulein Zucker”. Under this (uttermost adequate) pseudonym, she’s performing vegan magic out of the oven on “Backvergnügen” on Berlin’s most beautiful online city magazine “Mit Vergnügen”, baking great cakes, cookies and more. This is where the magic happens:

Z&J Kitchen


We are part of Germany’s first boutique network for Food Influencer Relations FIBER. Forthermore we work together with the lovely KptnCook-Crew.


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