A95 3 Menu Ideas for vegan Christmas

We slowly feel the pressure before Christmas Eve. At the time everybody is looking for the best Christmas market, is buying Christmas gifts like crazy and is decorating the whole flat like there is no end in sight. We definitely feel far more connected to the idea of already planning our Christmas Menu. So we developed three different kinds of menus for all the people that have not made any decisions yet. What are you cooking on Christmas Eve?

1. The very simple & quick Christmas Menu

If you already have big plans for Christmas Eve, you need a delicious menu, without spending the whole day in your kitchen. So let's prepare most of the recipes the day before and have long walks in the snow and enough time to hang with your family and friends.

Cauliflower-apple-soup with cinnamon-nuts

R106 Cauliflower apple soup with cinnamon nuts

Check the recipe here.

Cozy Vegetable Stew

R213 Cozy vegetable stew

Check the recipe here.

Vegan no-bake chocolate mini cakes

R220 No-bake chocolate biscuit  mini cakes

Check the recipe here.

2. The very hearty Christmas Menu

Say hello to lentil soup, soy steaks and chocolate mousse! The best thing is: you can prepare a lot of stuff for this menu as well. If you love hearty food, go and try this menu. We even used tofu for our dessert, ha!

Smoked lentil soup with vegan sausages

R227 Smoked Lentil Soup with vegan Sausages

Check the recipe here.

Vegan goulash with dumplings and red cabbage

R108 Spinach dumplings, red cabbage and vegan goulash

Check the recipe here.

White & dark chocolate mousse with fruit glaze

R69 vegan dark & white mousse with berry glaze

Check the recipe here.

The very professional Christmas Menu

If you're a person that loves to spend hours in the kitchen and you're always ready for a new challenge, try this menu! And guess what, we are flambéing, rolling and stuffing our food. You can't go wrong with this menu. The only thing you need is a bit more time and skills in your kitchen.

Spinach salad with vegan cheese balls

R129 vegan cheese balls on a salad with apple & cranberry

Check the recipe here.

Stuffed soy steaks with mini dumplings and sauerkraut

R221 Stuffed soy steaks with dumplings and sauerkraut

Check the recipe here.

Vegan Crème Brûlée

R199 French, vegan Crème Brûlée

Check the recipe here.

Isa Zucker
Isa Zucker

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