8 Recipes to Get Excited For Autumn
R88 8 Recipes to get excited for autumn

We would lie if we would claim that we don’t want to have a neverending summer. But then again… what kind of summer was this? A summer which seems to be way too short and of rainy, unstable weather. Or maybe, were we just working too much?

Now it’s September and this might not be the official beginning of autumn, but in our sense, summer ends with August. Instead of crying after summer, we rarther get excited for this autumn with colorful veggies! And let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a rainy day spent in bed with a homey casserole? Here are 8 recipes that just taste better in autumn.


Pumpkin is THE testimonial of autum – ‚Look at me, I am as colorful as a whole season!’. Whether you cook, bake or blend it, prepare spaghetti squash or pumpkin purree – there are neverending possibilities! Come closer pumpkin, we love to see you again – also to cook these recipes.

Vegan pumpkin ravioli salad with red grapes & apples

R82 Pumpkin ravioli salad with thyme, red grapes and apple

Vegan tarte flambées

R92 Vegan tarte flambées 101


Cauliflower could be the vegetable with the most beautiful name. Even though its season is almost over, we still have some days left to have fun with this guy. Julia didn’t like cauliflower until Isa marinated and baked it, but since then we meet cauliflower from time to time on our plate. Don’t throw away the good leaves but use them in soups or even marinate and bake them to until they are crispy.

Vegan buffalo cauliflower wings

R154 vegan cauliflower chicken wings

Cauliflower apple soup with cinnamon nuts

R106 Cauliflower apple soup with cinnamon nuts


Sorry cauliflower, now that we think of it, maybe sweet potato is our favorite name for a vegetable. In a way, you might think that potato season is all over the year and you can get it everywhere. But then again, we really feel stronger about sweet potatoes in autumn, maybe because of all those savory, warm, comfy recipes we’re already looking forward to. Sweet potatoes from Germany are available from October on and here’s what to cook with them.

Zoodles with sweet-potato-cashew sauce & roasted cauliflower

R85 Zoodles with cashew sauce

Sweet potato fritters with cucumber salad & vegan curd with herbs

R52 Sweet potato fritters with cucumber salad and vegan curd with herbs


Of course there’s not just vegetbales in autumn, but also apples full of vitamins that want to get stolen from the neighbour’s garden (hihi!). Maybe try out more sorts of apple this year and find your new favorite one! You can find more and more traditional „old“ sorts of apples on markets called „Finkenwerder Herbstprinz“, „Zuckeräpfelchen“ or „Prinz Albrecht von Preußen“. Hihi. Serve them in salads, desserts, chutney and more. How about these two recipes?

Vegan pie with caramelized apples

R181 Caramelized apple pie

Vegan cheese balls on apple-cranberry salad

R129 vegan cheese balls on a salad with apple & cranberry

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