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A77 Out and About in Roma

Welcome to pizza paradise! Before flying to Rome, I was concerned if I’d get vegan slice of that wonderful pizza. Suprisingly (at least for me) Rome turned out as one of the most vegan-friendly cities I’ve ever been. Well okay, you gain 6 – 45 pounds just during a one-week-stay, but afterwards you’ll see pizza and pasta with different eyes. I swear, just for this pizza I will travel to Rome again in the future. And since I’ve been eating Pizza 24/7, I didn’t even make it to some of the known vegan hotspots. Oh, pardon me!

Fried Artichokes

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But let’s start a bit healthier. I haven’t been a great artichoke-fan before. Even if I do think they’re tasty, they just rarely end up in my kitchen. That should change, especially since I ate those simple but incredibly tasty fried artichokes. Only salted a bit, but HUGE and really not as greasy as you’d think. A perfect snack in between.


A77 Travel guide Rom

Right now, some of you could probably point out some ice cream hotspots in Rome (feel very welcome to share them in our comments below), but in my honest opinion, ice cream in Rome was delicious wherever I tried it. Just ask for „senza latte“ and with a bit of luck, you will not only get sorbet, but even rich chocolate flavour or soy-ice with hazelnut.


I can hardly believe it by myself, that I do not have a single good picture of my pizza in Rome. The only excuse for that is, that I almost inhalated every piece of it. It’s never been more easy and delicious before and after my trip to Rome to get such incredible pizza. You’ll find a pizzeria around every corner, not talking about restaurants right now, but about litte diners. Get in, and just be overwhelmed for a second with the eternal display, where pizza plates are just stacking above each other. Senza formaggio? Yes! And it just starts with Marinara here. I’ve eaten nearly everything, from grilled pepper to hot olive pizza and potato slices. And each one is better than the next. Damn, I need to go back to Rome asap!


A77 Travel guide Rom

I think I tell you this in every Italian guide, but whatever. Since it’s an Italian company, you’ll find Valsoia products in almost every supermarket. The selection varies from shop to shop. Soy milk, yoghurt, cream cheese, chocolate spread, cookies and meatlike products are waiting for you. And then there is: Ice cream. As packs, popsicles or ice sandwiches. MRWAWW! YUMM!

Julia Justus
Julia Justus

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