In our series “Berlin Guide“ we share our favorite snack bars, restaurants or cafés with you. We reveal where to get the best vegan donuts in town, which Vietnamese tapas restaurant you should visit and where you’ll catch us eating vegan pizza. Here are all our Berlin recommendations.

The best spot for lunch bowls in Mitte. As there were not enough beautiful things in Berlin-Mitte already, Beets&Roots also opened their doors here. Max, one of the founders invited us and we hit the road with our bikes. Max wears not only our new favorite sweater today, but also his cutest smile. It’s hard not to like Beets&Roots, guys.

Who is with us?

Isa is having a little lunch party today with her sister Lisa. It’s noon and we are hungry! So we hopped on our bikes and some minutes later we reached the Beets&Roots between Hackescher Markt and Rosenthaler Platz. Mitte at its best! There is no lack of beautiful facilities, the location in general or anything else. On the right side is a big salad bar filled with a lot of different veggies and dressing, on the left side are seats to enjoy all the bowls and wraps. It’s comfortable enough to sit down and at the same time cool enough not to stay out for too long.

You definitely have to try ..

At first we checked the menu and found five dishes that are vegan by default. The bowl of the week is also vegan and a lot of other bowls are available in vegan. We ordered the Japanese Bowl with sesame-noodles, edamame, pees, miso-eggplant and ginger and the Indian Bowl with veggie-tikka-masala, lentils and kale. Both are very yummy and very filling. One bowl is a really huge portion, still very fresh and very different from the others. The wraps are also looking good, and if you want to, you can also combine all of the other ingredients to your dish. In the end it’s easy for everyone: gluten, meat, veggies and dressings can easily be transferred or be added.

Who wants your last morsel?

When we visited Beets&Roots we only met business guys. Guys! We expected at least two or three women .. but well, looks like men are also enjoying some good fresh bowls for lunch. Max, one of the owners is also a bit confused but happy about it! He answers all of our questions asap and shows us all the stuff around.

What we really liked:

Almost everything is homemade at Beets&Roots: dressings, sauces, the marinades. They try to get all fresh things from organic farm markets and suppliers and work on some vegan meat alternatives too. Max himself is vegetarian, so he tries to work on that point constantly. Isa gets sparking eyes, ghihih.

Be prepared for ..

There is no lack of juices, salads & bowls at Beets&Roots. All the things we tried were very good and fresh. You will get the sincere hope to have a bowl every day and to smuggle a second into your office. The only thing we need very badly is a vegan dessert. Max is still searching for a perfect solution. Until now, they get cinnamon buns from “Zeit für Brot” and unfortunately they are not vegan (BUHU!). We told them about Brammibals & Co and hope the next time we are there, we can get something sweets in the end too! But whatever, we are in the center of Berlin and get vegan stuff within 5 minutes.

If this restaurant would be an animal ..

.. it would be a dolphin: pretty modern, refreshing & fleet!

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