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Hi sunday, Hi West-Berlin, Hi latency! We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So Benedict decided to dedicate their whole concept for buns, eggs and coffee. This concept already works perfectly in Israel and now also in Berlin. So if you think they only serve eggs, like the name betrayed, you’re wrong! Vegan cereals and crêpes are also here for you all, so come and visit the Benedict. We tried all the vegan options for you.

Who eats with us today?

We have no friends living in West-Berlin, so everyone today has to travel from east to west: Lisa and Philipp don’t have a plan where to go, just exactely like us! With no sense of direction we are looking on a map: are we still in the center of Berlin?

You should definitely try…

Ok, now let’s start to talk about food. Philipp and Lisa are trying some eggs with bacon and they can totally recommend it. The vegan choice is a bit reduced, but we are fine with some chocolate-crêpes and a vegan chickpea-crêpe with tomatoes and some vegetable spread (they also serve cereals). The aubergine-spread is awesome, the crêpe is great and the chickpea-pancake is also good. Everyone is in love with their homemade, fresh and warm buns (..they refill them for free.) So if you need a really good breakfast, Benedict is a good choice in any case.

Who’s the most interesting person there?

Now we have to talk about our waitress Emma. She is really friendly, smiles a lot and is a bit stressed. The Benedict is bursting, cause it’s sunday 11am. Emma holds the line and wants to know more about our weekend, where we are living and our plans for today. Oh, äh, ok. We are confused. Is everyone here in West-Berlin so friendly?

The best thing about this restaurant…

Maybe it’s the bakery, maybe the floral wallpaper, maybe our spoon, maybe the floor tiles or the mini-DJ-desk. We really don’t know cause everything it so pretty here.

Be prepared for…

Benedict is not a place to save money. You should calculate at least 10€ per breakfast. Also bring along a book for the waiting time, cause when you’re visiting on a saturday or sunday you sometimes have to wait for an hour (8am or 1 pm is much better!). And by the way: the Benedict is a bit more stylish and classier, so don’t bring your sweatpants with you.

If this restaurant would be an animal…

.. don’t be mad with us (we love your breakfast), but the Benedict would be a smooth panther, and definitely a female one.

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