In our series “Berlin Guide“ we share our favorite snack bars, restaurants or cafés with you. We reveal where to get the best vegan donuts in town, which Vietnamese tapas restaurant you should visit and where you’ll catch us eating vegan pizza. Here are all our Berlin recommendations.

Chay Umi is a small restaurant near Schönhauser Allee in Prenzlauer Berg and serves yummy drinks and crispy seitan. So here we go: two girls searching for a small restaurant to talk, eat and drink a lot. So we end up at Chay Umi. Not many people know this place, but it’s a vegan-vegetarian restaurant near Schönahuser Allee, so good conditions to change this point. We really liked the food, the prices and the atmosphere in here. Definitely a place to sit down, relaxe and enjoy.

You should definitely try ..

Seitan! Perfectly fried and seasoned and not stale at all!

Who is stealing the last morsel of your dish?

The small Buddha! The portions are really big, so you will get very sated. By the way: It’s a very nice furnished place!

The next time ..

I have to try the breaded silken tofu cubes in rice flour with homemade peanut sauce and the boiled lotus seeds with yellow beans, flour glue and coconut milk.

Be prepared!

Around 7 or 8 pm it gets crowded in this place!

If this place would be an animal ..

it would be a cat. Smart, not that big and really cozy.

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