In our series “Berlin Guide“ we share our favorite snack bars, restaurants or cafés with you. We reveal where to get the best vegan donuts in town, which Vietnamese tapas restaurant you should visit and where you’ll catch us eating vegan pizza. Here are all our Berlin recommendations.

Traditional, indian food is a real paradise for vegetarians. All the yummy currys, chutneys, potatoes, chickpeas, aubergines and .. damn, a lot of butter. Sometime they cook rice with butter, so it’s kind of a problem for all the vegans. A good idea is always to ask the stuff before you order, cause to bring some vegan butter along is not always the perfect way. Sometimes there are some “dangers” having indian food. We are very happy we found a restaurant that offers a lot of vegan dishes and marks them too. Hi Chutnify!

Who is with us?

Time for our regulars’ table! We arrive with eight people but it’s no problem to get a table, cause we reserved. You definitely should do that too, cause Chutnify is not that big. At 8/9 pm the room gets very crowded. Today also Nadine joins us, although she doesn’t like indian food. In the end she decided to try a nutella-banana-dosa. Lucky Nadine!

You definitely have to try..

We don’t talk often about drinks at this point, but today we have to. Because they offer Nimboo Paan, and it’s damn good. It’s a really hyped and really good lemonade. Salty, sweet and topped with lemon flavor. Uh yes!

Who wants your last morsel?

Definitely one of your friends! All the dishes are perfect to share and to dip all way long.
Take a spoon and check all the different flavors around you!

The best things are ..

… the spices! So cool to enjoy food with so many beautiful and different spices. Each chutney, curry or side dish got it’s own unique flavor. We ordered Ildis (fluffy rice-lentil-steamed-dumplings) with a lot of different vegan chutneys and a salad. They are quite neutral and fit quite good to all the strong spices. Also our starter was quite delicious: a sweet-poatao-ragda-patty. Made with chickpeas a fresh mint-sauce and chutney, reallyyyyy good!

Be prepared for:

All the dishes are traditionally from South India. Doesn’t sound that new, but some of us still searched for their beloved Butter Chicken. AND: Chutnify offers a scale for hot and well-spiced dishes. Have a look at it, cause hot means really hot, hot.

If this restaurant would be an animal..

… it would be a small, loud elephant baby. A mature one wouldn’t fit in Chutnify.

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