After all the fuss about „Dandy Diner”, we were dying to check it out for ourselves. If you were in Berlin, you almost couldn’t miss the opening of Dandy Diner. On Snapchat and Co., we were watching and guessing for some weeks, what Carl Jakob and David of „Dandy Diary” were doing in Neukölln. Interviews about the diner? Promising and highly entertaining. A restaurant opening with a police operation? Almost befitting their rank. The public fuss about it? Kind of astonishing. The food? Well… this is where it get’s interesting. Because in all those articles, we read too little about how it tastes there. So it was high time to make a visit at the diner.

Todays Foodies.

We took our food-supergirl Marie with us and got male support thanks to our two dandies Maximilian and Andy.

Which dish do I have to try?

Well… okay, we have to strike out a bit at this point. In general, we can say: We love the idea behind this diner, where the word „vegan“ is not written in large letters over everything. The room itself is really chic with the huge windows lightening up the diner. Since we haven’t heard that much about the food, we wanted to try as much and diverse food as we could. So we ordered sandwiches, burger, salad and a dessert. But unfortunately there is nothing that you really H A V E to try, because we can’t put a finger on a “special dish”. Not to get us wrong: We also like the general idea behind their dishes. Fast food burgers, trendy sandwiches, a few fresh salads – cool! Just when it comes to desserts, we could pass on superfoods – this diner just screams for a soft serve ice cream machine! All together, the food tasted quite neutral. Coleslaw, cheeseburger and salad were missing that special something (and a bit salt). The chorizo Sandwich was our favorite of the evening, but tasted simply spicy at the end. The avocado sandwich unfortunately tasted a lot of lemon. What a bummer. Of course, the diner has just opened, so there is a highly chance, that the kitchen may has to work out a bit. To sum it up: The diner itself is a great thing and there’s still a lot of potential.

The most interesting person in the room?

It sounds a bit strange, but it has to be the big cardboard stand-up of the two dandies that attracts attention.

If this restaurant would be an animal ..

… it would be NO pig, but a splendid peacock, that gets everyone’s attention.

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