The Fuxx & Bär is located directly on Oderberger Strasse. It's a bit hidden but in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg. Early this year it was opened by Josita Hartanto, star cook of the Lucky Leek. In 2016 she has been honored with a Michelin star, the first one for a vegan restaurant. So we were very excited about our visit to her new bistro. And we were surprised by the menu card: bistro classics as burgers and currywurst are listed next to fresh juices, cheese crepes, and green bowls.

Who is with us today?

Lunch break! Today we have a long office day and spend our lunch break at Fuxx & Bär. Although Isa lives not that far away, she has never been here. The waiters are all male, have beards and are listening to the music of AnnenMayKantereit.

You definitely have to try:

Get ready for a crazy mix. You can order fresh bowls, currywurst (with homemade curry sauce) and fries, a grilled cheese crêpe with tomato, basil, pesto, and pine nuts and Japanese croquettes with wasabi dip (and much more of course). We especially liked the latter very much. By the way, you can also order all the food to take away.

The best thing about this restaurant is:

It's not that shy in the inside as it looks from the outside. We had a relaxed lunch and were amused by the friendly service and the sweet interior of the bistro.

If this restaurant would be an animal:

The answer is quite obvious: fox or bear? We would choose a bear, cause fuxx&bär is a cozy bistro, very down to earth but also curious about new, crazy things.

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