'Don't deep-fry your life! Deep-fry your dream!' is the motto of Goldies, Berlin's most beautiful French fries stall. And that's already a mean understatement by us, because Goldies is actually anything but a French fries stall. If you're looking for the best french fries in town, you should definitely come to Kreuzberg. For vegans, it's whorth while as they don't serve fries with ketchup only, but offer a lot of unusual, delicious vegan options! We tried them all for you.

Who is with us today?

Goldies opens at 12.30 pm. It's 12.25 pm when chili cheese Maximilian and Julia are meeting right in front of still closed window shades like it's an Apple store and we want to be the first ones to get the new iPhone. When Isa arrives, she takes charge of the situation, so now it's 12.29 pm, and we're today's first customers in french fry paradise, yay. Truffle Andy and salad Lisa will arrive a few minutes later - now guess what they order!

You definitely have to try:

Eh, everything? Goldies' offers classic french fries with a lot of sauce to combine with (from classics like ketchup and mayo to a vegan peanut sauce, horseradish mayonnaise or mango chutney), but we'd recommend you the order their 'Pommeskombos' which are basically loaded fries with all kinds of toppings. They mark which of them are vegetarian or vegan, but if you ask friendly, there are also some more options to veganize the menu a bit.

We ordered three of these options: One was the vegan "Odessa beets" with beetroot, vegan horseradish mayonnaise, coleslaw and dill (it's extremely delicious, even though we're usually not the biggest fans of horseradish). We also ate the "Sicilian Caponata", which is marked vegetarian, but you can ask them to kick the mozzarella and instead order some vegan mayonnaise - the fruity caponata is so delicate and not too heavy that there's even a chance of eating this dish all on your own (did we mention that the portion sizes are quite big?). The changing menu also featured a vegan Mexican option called “Ranchero el mayo" with avocado, salsa fresca, and cilantro - it's Julia's favorite and SO good!

Another helpful advice:

We've been to Goldies several times and every time our friends go nuts about their truffle fries, which are usually not vegan. But if you ask in advance, we heard the rumor that they can veganize it. If only we wouldn't always forget to ask before... be smarter than us and try it!

The best thing about this restaurant is:

Usually, we don't like to order loaded nachos or fries as they often turn soggy after only a few minutes. But the fries at Goldies keep their texture even after half an hour - they are outstanding! And even though you're in french fry heaven, you won't smell like it afterward, which is also a very pleasant side benefit. So if you're looking for a cozy place for a comfortable dinner with friends - Goldies is spot-on!

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