In our series “Berlin Guide“ we share our favorite snack bars, restaurants or cafés with you. We reveal where to get the best vegan donuts in town, which Vietnamese tapas restaurant you should visit and where you’ll catch us eating vegan pizza. Here are all our Berlin recommendations.

The first vertical-farm-to-table-restaurant in Europe: GOOD BANK. Oh my. This is the first sentence you can read on GOOD BANKs website. The restaurant opened just recently in spring 2017. Since then, salad is growing directly in Berlin Mitte. But what’s behind the term „vertical-farm-to-table-restaurant“? Inside their store, that feels way bigger thanks to mirrors all over the place, they plant salad and vegetables on their own. You’ve read right. In the store. On the wall. This leads to several advantages. #1: Obviously, it’s simply extraordinary. Maybe we’ll get used to it once there are more restaurants like this, but for now we are really impressed to eat stuff that grows directly next to us. #2: Everything is fresh, sustainable and transparent. You can watch your food grow – without any pesticides or genetic engineering. The way to your salald bowl is therefor supershort – and the environment is happy!

  • Who’s with us today?
  • Julia won a single date with Isa (or the other way around)! So today, we are celebrating a romantic dinner for two – even sharing the dessert in the end. Love is in the air!

  • You definitely have to try…

  • Speaking of dessert… we are normally a bit critical when it comes to raw cakes. It’s not about the idea behind it, which is a very interesting one, but more about the taste and texture. Often, raw cakes get so superchewy, but this raw chocolate cake is really, really tasty! Quite large pieces of nuts are the reason why it’s kind of crunchy – yumm! We could eat it as a main.

  • Who’s stealing the last piece of food from your plate?

  • Apparently we’ve chosen a very good time after work because there were not that many people in the restaurant. But GOOD BANKS’ working ladies Emma and Mirjam tell us that it gets very crowded around noon, which makes sense, since they are located so well, coming with an interesting restaurant concept and are serving perfect summer food with salads and sandwiches. If you’re having ravenous appetite and are into something really hearty, better come back another day.

  • The best thing about this restaurant...

  • … is oviously the fact that they are growing lettuce in-house. It gives the whole place an impressive look because the wall turns into a greenhouse – doubled thanks to the mirrors on the opposite side. In general we really have to give probs for their whole interior design for such a small space. We’re eating a Burnt Veggies Sandwich with fried veggies and cashew curry sauce and a vegan Harvest Salad Bowl with sweet potatoes. Plantain chips were out unfortunately – so if you’re there, please try them and let us know how they taste. Everything is well-seasoned and filling. All together GOOD BANK is a really nice lunch spot for Berlin in summer!

  • If this restaurant would be an animal...

  • … it would be a squirrel: small, exemplarily & hip.
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