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Welcome to another restaurant that somehow only now made it on our blog, even though we've been there several times. Right now, when we're writing this blog post, it's almost Christmas.

But these pictures tell a story of the very last days of summer when you could still enjoy eating outside (wearing a sweater, though). This was also the feeling when Julia traveled to Tel-Aviv in November. And here we've come full circle. Visiting Kanaan feels a bit like a short trip to Tel-Aviv, with greetings from hummus and falafel!

A87 Kanaan

Who is with us?
The core gang traveled to Prenzlauer Berg today, or as it's also called 'Isa's small kingdom'. There's true love in the air around the table with Lisa, Nadine and Nadine, Maximilian and Christina and we hope we'll be as much in love with the falafel here.

You definitely have to try...
Falafel&hummus, of course! The falafel are freshly homemade, crispy on the outside and soft inside - just the way we like it and the way Julia has eaten them in Tel-Aviv. Their creamy hummus is one of our favorites in Berlin! And then there's homemade lemonade and you can always count on us when there's homemade lemonade. In general, you'll find plenty of vegan dishes here and if you find something interesting that is vegetarian, simply ask the stuff and they are always happy to do a vegan version withouth egg, etc. in order to enjoy vegan sabich & co.

The best thing is...
… not only the food, but also the story behind it. Israeli Oz Ben David and Palestinian Jalil Damit met in Berlin a few years ago and are now cooking in this cozy hut. Of course that was followed with quite a lot of media coverage and "When the Way to Peace Is Through the Stomach" headlines. So even if the food is supposed to be the star here, this story is just a very nice one! Still, hummus is the hero and is served in several consistencies and combinations. From classic hummus to creamy masabacha.

Who's stealing your last dumpling from the plate? Don't worry, this time it will be yourself.

Be prepared for:
Here come a little downer. While the food is very tasty here, you won't find THAT much of it on your plate. One serving hummus costs approx. 5 Euro, larger dishes 8 Euro. Still, since everything's fresh, delicious and homemade, we won't complain and are happy to pay for this. But if you're REALLY hungry, better get two portions or several dishes.

A87 Kanaan
A87 Kanaan
A87 Kanaan

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