Laauma is closing december 2016. One more reason to visit this lovely place. Only a few minutes from Ostkreuz the Laauma is ready to serve you fresh and healthy dishes. It’s a perfect place for a snack in the summer time, sitting outside and enjoying this really nice furnished place. It’s so sad that Laauma will close this year. Have a look at our lunch at Laauma.

Who’s with us today?

Today Isa is having lunch with Lisa and Linda. So it’s a girly foodie date. Uh yeah!

Don’t miss!

Linda and Isa ate the Caesar Salad, Lisa the Sweetpotatoe Quiche. Both was really yummy and fresh. However the Quiche was really nice seasoned and was ahead by a nose.

Who’s the most interesting person in the room?

The restaurant was almost empty when we stayed here for lunch so luckily there was no with us, steeling our yummy food.

The nicest thing in the restaurant?

Is the Bar, cause its’s a really nice one. All in all the Laauma is really nice furnished. You can find a lot of cute decoration in here.

Be prepared for…

All dishes here are vegan and raw. You can order a lot of salads ans smaller things (Yep, there is also a Burger). But most of the dishes are not perfect when you are ravenously hungry.

If this restaurant would be an animal…

.. Laauma would a swallow. Feeling free and lucky and extremely comfortable like home.

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