In our series “Berlin Guide“ we share our favorite snack bars, restaurants or cafés with you. We reveal where to get the best vegan donuts in town, which Vietnamese tapas restaurant you should visit and where you’ll catch us eating vegan pizza. Here are all our Berlin recommendations.

If you’re looking for a vegan burger restaurant in berlin, you are spoiled with choice. If you decide to visit “Let It Be”, we can assure you that it’s one of the best choices. They have quite a huge selection of vegan burgers and also offer mac’n’cheese as a side or vegan chocolate crêpes for dessert. The restaurant itself is not too big, not too small and nicely furnished and styled (speaking of photos of cats!). We recommend a visit there together with a pre- oder after-dinner walk along Paul-Lincke-Ufer and Maybachufer.

Who’s with us today?

Our group of regulars welcomes a newbie! Constantin is teaching us about how to order very professional for a large group and writes down each order and special wishes on a separate piece of paper that he passes to our waitress, who is truly happy about this. And we are quite a large group with Lisa, Fabian, Andy & Maximilian, which means that we really can eat through the whole menu today.

You definitely have to try:

Everything? Their burgers are put together very balanced with great sauces and several choices of meat alternatives – from falafel to veggies, seitan and soy meat. A little penalty point for buns, which were too crispy for our taste. Each visit, we HAVE to order mac&cheese and we could also wrap ourselves in their vegan crêpes. There are also glutenfree options for nearly every dish, so grab all your diet friends!

Who’s the most interesting person in the room?

There are pictures of cats all over the walls. Or is it always the same cat? Anyway, we feel like home and would wish that there actually was a cat there to pet.

The best thing about the restaurant is…

… the wide range of good food. Since the restaurant is completely vegan, they know that it takes more than just a lousy neutral slice of tofu in between a bun. Each burger is thought out through and differs from the others. Additionally there are lots of other options: crêpes, galettes, salad or sides, which is really enough to offer something for each appetite, whether it’s small or big, something light or hearty.

Be prepared for this!

All dishes are named after famous vegan personalities. It’s quite some some to order Moby with a lot of cinnamon, a Prince, a Thom Yorke and Miley Cyrus with extra cream.

If this restaurant would be an animal…

… it would be a purring cat. Very comfy, very pleased. You just have to like it.

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