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In our series “Berlin Guide“ we share our favorite snack bars, restaurants or cafés with you. We reveal where to get the best vegan donuts in town, which Vietnamese tapas restaurant you should visit and where you’ll catch us eating vegan pizza. Here are all our Berlin recommendations.

It’s saying something if our favorite dish at a burger restaurant is … a salad. And to say it from the beginning: this does not mean that Lia is serving untasty burgers (quite the contrary!), but simply that their salads are on fleek! It opened in November 2016 and we’ve been fans for quite some months alreadys. This is not only because of their heartiness, but let’s start with the facts.

A60 Lias Kitchen

- Who’s with us today?

Small dinner round today! Only Lisa is with us and tries to take pictures of us while eating. Always a good idea! The gap between „This could look nice“ and „WHUAT? This is what I look like??“ is getting bigger with each snapshot. We talk about stress, work and food – the usual.

  • You definitely have to try:

In general: Everything. Because everything’s homemade and made with a lot of heart – even almond feta cheese. And so we’re already at Julia’s honest answer: Try out the Greek salad with almond feta cheese. If you’re really lucky, it’s served directly from the oven, even sizzling a bit. We could also bath in in their Green Cleanser Smoothie – and anyway: Is there a second place in Berlin where you get half a litre of smoothie for 3,90? We’re open-mouthed.

  • Who’s the most interesting person in the room?

Hello Itai! He is one oft he founders of Lia’s (yes, you guessed right – each letter stands for a initial letter of one of the boys: Lior, Itai and Alon). He even remembers Julia from one of her past visits. Together with Lior and Alon, hey came from Tel Aviv and moved first to London and then to Berlin where they opened Lia’s. Instead of overpriced vegan fast food in small portions, they want to show how healthy, tasty vegan homemade food can be – and that is doesn’t have to be that expensive. Itai is such a friendly, open-minded host who always asks for feedback and takes care of our well-being. We always feel so welcomed – even before the first bite.

  • The best thing about the restaurant is…

… the overall warm hospitality. It only starts with vivid Itai who talks with us, asks questions and explains a lot, but it continues with free sauces and water. You could think this is taken-for-grantedness, but it’s not (at least in Germany). And so we scarf down vegan mayo, ketchup and hot sauce even more thankful.

  • Be prepared for this!

Try to avoid eating before visiting Lia’s for several hours. The servings are BIG!

  • If this restaurant would be an animal…

It would be a koala. We could hang out with it and pet it all day long!

A60 Lias Kitchen
A60 Lias Kitchen
A60 Lias Kitchen

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