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Find the biggest smile of Japan in Charlottenburg! We have to admit, that we were thrilled to bits, when we got an invitation mail from momiji. No, we don’t get that often (actually never before) and as soon as we saw the menu, we happily accepted this hearty invitation. Charlottenburg is calling! Momiji is Berlin’s first restaurant specialized in takoyaki, which is stuffed dough balls. UNFORTUNATLY there’s always a piece of octopus arm in there, poor one. But there’s still plenty of vegan Japanese food that we had to try and they are also working on a vegan takoyaki, yay.

Who’s with us today?

We took our gourmets Maximilian and Fabian with us to Charlottenburg. momiji is only two minutes away from Savignyplatz which welcomes us with empty streets wherever we look. We try to spot a bar to raise glasses to life afterwards, but there’s no chance. Charlottenburg is giving us the coldest sholder.

You definitely have to try…

momiji specialized on Japanese takoyaki, which are small stuffed dough balls. Since they put pieces of octopus in it, it’s not vegan. We would love to try a vegan version of it and are more than happy to hear, that Soshi (the owner of momiji) is currently working on that. Until then, we just keep watching Youtube tutorials of how takoyaki are done and thinking about getting the cooking form… Back to topic! You definitely have to try ‘Ingen no goma-ae’ (cooked green beans with Japanese sesame sauce) and tofu dengaku (cooked tofu with original miso sauce. Don’t be mislead by the simplicity of both dishes, they are really tasty! As for desserts, matcha pudding and azuki bean paste are something we’ve never eaten before. Yumm!

Who’s the most interesting person in the room?

Captain obvious: Soshi. We are in love with the welcoming service. Berlin is not particularly known for this. Your tea gets refilled all the time and Soshi is coming every ten minutes to check if everything’s alright, serving dish after dish. Since he is the only chef at momiji, it can take some time to get food served, but that’s no problem. We are still watching takoyaki-tutorials, discuss about soccer or about which three dishes we would choose if we would have to eat them for the rest of our lives.

The best thing is…

… Soshi’s smile. Yes, it may sound cheesy, BUT it just does not stop and you’ll get happier yourself by watching!

Be prepared for…

Don’t burn your tongue! They also write it on their menu, that takoyaki is served really hot. Like really, really hot. Maximilian still forgot it (twice!), ouch.

If this restaurant would be an animal…

… it would be a quokka. Even though it does not live in Japan, we believe it’s the only living thing that could keep up with Soshi’s smile.

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