In our series “Berlin Guide“ we share our favorite snack bars, restaurants or cafés with you. We reveal where to get the best vegan donuts in town, which Vietnamese tapas restaurant you should visit and where you’ll catch us eating vegan pizza. Here are all our Berlin recommendations.

The dumpling place momos has been kind of a known insider tip. Sounds weird, we know. But in fact, everybody knows it, loves it and recommends it to the really last person who still doesn't know about this place. This is somehow curious, because their old restaurant could only fit 2,5 persons. For real! You either had the luck to get one of the few chairs or had to get dumplings delivered. We were there quite sometimes since we worked and also lived nearby (and we are so tiny that we can easily share 1 chair!) But this year, momos moved and is now located in Mitte, like real Mitte-Mitte at Chauseestraße. Even though we don't work or live there, we still wanted to find out whether their dumplings are still as delicious as before.

Who is with us?
Who can say no to beer and dumplings? Most of our food crew is with us today, even America's sweetheart Friederike and Back-in-Berlin-Again Ludwig. So heartwarming to see everyone hanging around, chatting and eating all kinds of dumplings.

You definitely have to try...
You can choose different sizes of a "mix and match" menu, according to your appetit. There are 4 vegan dumplings and currently all sauces are vegan as well (everything vegan is marked on the menu). We love mushroom-potato the most. Or broccoli-shiitake-tofu. Or pumpkin-chickpeas. Or potato-cabbage-carrot, whoops. Also mind the sides and in any case order the sweet dumplings for dessert. They come with banana stuffing and maple cinnamon syrup. Alright? Alright!

The best thing is...
... how LARGE this place is! Of course we liked to cuddle at Prenzlauer Berg but now being here, we just remember how small their last place was. Now we can even stretch our legs, whee!

Who's stealing your last dumpling from the plate?
Since it's a dumpling place, you need to be cautious all the time. Dumplings can be stealed so easily, so maybe just turn the tables and grab one of your neigbour's dumplings first. Surprise!

Be prepared for:
Dumplings are a great snack for inbetween or if you're not that hungry. They won't be heavy in the stomach and don't make you feel too full. But if you're REALLY hungry, better get their LARGE mix&match option.

If this restaurant would be an animal...
... dann wäre es ein Hamster: flink, nicht alltäglich.

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