Eating fewer animal products can be difficult at the beginning. Especially in restaurants, it's often difficult to find something vegan - particularly in foreign cities. One of the reasons we are very thankful for vegan-labeled dishes on menu cards of restaurant chains. A pretty good example is the German burger restaurant, Peter Pane. They offer six vegan burgers, salads, sauces, and dips (hello truffle mayo!), even a vegan dessert and plant-based milk on their menu. Every Monday, they celebrate “Meatless Monday“ and offer vegan burgers for only € 6.90. We visited one of their restaurants and tried their vegan burgers.

Who is with us today?

It's a sunny Saturday afternoon in Berlin Mitte, we are meeting at Friedrichstraße. Our good friend Maximilian is with us today and looks curiously through the windows of the restaurant. Almost every table is occupied, but the atmosphere is still relaxed and calm. The sun was shining through the windows when we entered the restaurant, and a charming waitress welcomed us. After a brief introduction to the menu (which looks like a fairy tale book by the way), we started our research.

What do you have to try?

We quickly noticed that there are a lot of vegan dishes on the menu, easy to recognize by a small green “v“. We have the choice between six vegan burgers and lots of vegan toppings for potato or sweet potato fries, such as fruity mango chutney, garlic mayo, sweet fig, truffle cream, tomato salsa, basil mayo or hot BBQ sauce. You can also choose between a bun made from sourdough or multigrain. There are also vegan “Reibekuchen“ sticks with vanilla-apple compote as a dessert option and soy milk for coffee. We choose the vegan burgers “Trüffelfee“ (with bulgur herb patties, mushrooms, spinach, steak pepper, and vegan truffle cream), “Lagune“ (with sweet potato amaranth patties, vegan scheddar, arugula, and mango chutney) and “Panflöte“ (with Bulgur herb patty, vegan “scheddar“, crispy potato chips, fried onions, and smoky BBQ sauce). Isa's favorite is the vegan truffle cream on the burger and the sweet fig with the potato fries. Julia, on the other hand, is surprised by the vegan cheese substitute called “Scheddar“ and happy about the variety of sauces. We can also definitely recommend the sweet mango chutney combined with the slightly spicy tomato salsa and the creamy truffle cream. Something we also like: They don't offer straws made of plastic, but made of sugar cane.

Tip: Every Monday you get all vegan burgers for only € 6.90.

The best thing about the restaurant is:

The restaurant is super bright, friendly, and really cozy for such a large room. We feel very comfortable and are surprised by the large vegan selection. Here in Berlin, you are already used to it. But it is very helpful, especially when you are in foreign cities, to have those options in mind.

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