In our series “Berlin Guide“ we share our favorite snack bars, restaurants or cafés with you. We reveal where to get the best vegan donuts in town, which Vietnamese tapas restaurant you should visit and where you’ll catch us eating vegan pizza. Here are all our Berlin recommendations.

Oh, did we find our new favorite spot in Berlin Mitte? When you meet us at Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz in Berlin, there’s usually only one reason for it: SOY. We love the food there – either for lunch or dinner. But a few weeks ago, a new food spot opened and it’s called RYONG. The vegan and vegetarian restaurant offers a mix of Japanese and Vietnamese food culture. Since Berlin treats us with real good Asian food (from Chinese to Vietnamese to Korean and so on), we already have our kind-of-classic-choices everytime. But at RYONG, non of it was on the menu so we HAD to try out new stuff. Perfect! We were totally delighted, because the food is so good that we raved over it at the office still on the next day. So better try it out yourselves, we warned you!

Who eats with us today?

The regular! We welcome Asian-food-expert-Ilsi, let-me-teach-you-how-to-do-mental-arithmetic-superfast-Ulf, I-only-slept-3-hours-Nadine and I-cannot-eat-this-burger-anymore Nadine.

You should definitely try…

Everything. Three times! We were overwhelmed with their menu because of all those combinations and decisions. Fried goba root, caramelized lemongrass wasabi soysauce, chocolate tempura dough, wow wow wow! You should definitely say that you’re vegan since there are different noodles and also different mayo types. All noodles are handmade and very, very long, which makes it difficult and fun at the same time. We also tried the Hulk Burger and dreamed about this fluffy bao roll that night. And even when it comes to drink, the adventure continues: Matcha cappuccino or roasted sweet potato latte?

Who’s the most interesting person there?

Of course our favorite waiter Mr. Nguyen. He explained the concept of RYONG and all dishes to us. Since we had to wait a little bit for our burgers, he offered some lemonade to try. And after we promised, that we were no paparazzi (all the photos!) but take pictures for Zucker&Jagdwurst, he followed us asap on Instagram.

The best thing about this restaurant…

… uffs. The stylish interior? The relaxed atmosphere? Maybe even the toilettes? Food you won’t find everywhere? That everything’s homemade? That everyone’s real friendly? The light sign in their window? Well, we are fans!

Be prepared for…

Homemade food! At RYONG, everything is homemade – from noodles to lemonade. This is why they don’t offer any softdrinks like Cola or Sprite. Instead, try one of their homemade lemonades, for example “1000 Eyes” made with ginger, chia seeds and pandanus leaves. Delish!

If this restaurant would be an animal…

… it would be a dragon! This is an easy one this time, because RYONG is a mix of the Japanese word “RYU” and the Vietnamese word “RÒNG” which means drangon in both languages.

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