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There’s a tiny bit of New York in Berlin.When I traveled to New York this year, I immediately noticed that bagels are kings. There are some bagel stores in Germany, but it’s a whole other deal there. In New York, you can choose between loads of different bagels and spreads and it’s not even that expensive compared to other food options. So when we heard, that Schlomo’s is offering New York style bagels, we had to try it.

Who eats with us today?

Since Schlomo’s is near Julia’s office, we visited the restaurant with the fabulous office girls Wiebke, Knörni and Ilse.

You should definitely try:

Mini bagel! If you cannot choose between spreads, just take to small bagels! Unfortunately, we saw this option too late, so we want to share our knowledge with you before.

Who’s the most interesting person here?

The kitchen stuff! At Schlomo’s, you can follow your food from preparation to the end. Observe how your food is getting cut in the kitchen before you can watch your bagel get freshly prepared directly in front of you.

Be prepared for this:

Since we can compare this with “real” New York bagels, we have to admit: This is not exactly the American dream. Yes, there are quite a few options, also vegan ones (hummus, avocado and tofu), but you can’t decide between multiple of bagels and spreads. We tried out avocado and tofu bagels and they were really tasty, but if you have any allergies (e.g. peanut), better ask beforehand, what sauces and toppings they’ll use. This is a real nice first step of New York style bagels in Berlin. Breakfast and Pastrami bagel sound real interesting, but since they are not vegan, we cannot tell you how they taste.

If this restaurant would be an animal:

… it would be a friendly Cocker Spaniel. We don’t know why exactly, but well, trust us.

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