During our foodfeast search around Savignyplatz, the beautiful Toki was recommended to us by a nice follower on Instagram. It's in a walking distance of only two minutes and offers bowls, lunch dishes and sweet treats. We've spent almost three hours there (okay, we were also working a bit) and ate almost everything, so we can now tell you what to order and why to visit this lovely restaurant.

Who is with us?

Today, it's only us - Isa, Julia and two empty stomached shooting a new episode of “Foodfeast“ at Savignyplatz. The moment we enter Toki, we directly fall in love with this bright place and the complete menu.

You definitely have to try...

Since we are quite hungry, we kind of ignore the salads, smaller bowls and sandwiches for now but focus on the large dishes! We order a portobello schnitzel which is a deep-fried portobello with a potato salad and some greens. The schnitzel is super crispy, the coating is sticking and the potato salad is still lukewarm. Julia is going for the roasted cauliflower with Za'atar, pickles, green chili sauce and tahini sauce. The cauliflower is still firm to the bite, Isa is even testing the chili sauce (“Well, it is spicy.“) and we don't have to say anymore that Julia could eat tahini with everything. After we've eaten up and worked a bit, we can't resist eating a brownie and drink lots of coffee. What can we say... everything tastes great here!

The best thing is...

Whether you want to eat lunch or drink coffee here - Toki is a good choice. There are larger and smaller tables and drinks and dishes for all appetites. It's also perfect to work there for several hours (yes, there's WIFI here), we only maybe wouldn't go there for a cozy dinner.

Be prepared for:

Toki isn't completely plantbased even though their slogan is 'Green. Plant-based. Happy Food.' There are two recipes on the menu that contain cheese, so if you're not sure about your order, just feel free to task the stuff about this.

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