A40 Viasko


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A real good down-to-earth kitchen in Kreuzberg. Today we are Viasko-newbies. We really never visited the Viasko before, so today we recognize again: there are a lot of good vegan spots we still miss. It’s late summer and it feels like it’s our last dinner we will have outside. Viasko is a vegan restaurant in Kreuzberg and serves german dishes like asparagus with sauce Hollandaise or some fine food like zucchini-rolls with cashew-truffle-cream. We did a little feast at Viasko and nearly rolled home.

A40 Viasko
  • Who eats with us today?

  • We can’t believe it, but it looks like we are alone today. No reservation needed, it’s only Julia and Isa. We never had this situation before, cause most of the time we are 4-8 people visiting a restaurant. So it’s half date / half meeting and we are talking about editorial stuff, without bad conscience. We are sitting in the garden of Viasko on a ale-bench, enjoying the good weather and a good lemonade. Isa is just in time, Julia a bit late. Our waitress is waiting impatient for our order.

  • You should definitely try…

  • We always split our order, so both of us can try every dish. We change our plates again and again. We ordered 3 dishes, our waitress is asking if we can make it? We don’t understand. Our menu is starting with Jalapeno-„cheese“-fritters with aioli and avocado-dip, continue with spaetzle (german pasta) mashed with cheese and roasted onions, a small cucumber-dill-salad and last but not least with some cheesecake. Our todays favorite are the spaetzle with cheese, cause they are really creamy and the fried onions are crunchy and just perfect. The Jalapeno-„cheese“-fritters are ok, but Julia tried the legendary mozzarella-sticks in New York before, so her standard is set really high.

  • Who’s the most interesting person there?

  • Maybe it’s the group of pensioners, ordering bear again and again, maybe our clever and smart waitress. Both groups are cheerful and happy about another round of drinks.

  • The best thing about this restaurant…

  • .. the garden! Sure, it’s also nice to sit inside, but how beautiful is the atmosphere sitting outside, drinking lemonade and eating crunchy onions-bites? It’s getting dark outside but it’s still warm.

  • Be prepared for…

  • You can roll home after a portion of their spaetzle with cheese.

  • If this restaurant would be an animal…

  • .. it would be an ant. It never sits still, feels home in a small garden and wants to try everything, to leave nothing undone.

A40 Viasko
A40 Viasko
A40 Viasko

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