7 Dishes you should eat when it's cold outside

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Stay comfy with food. This week, it’s still cold and rainy outside, but spring is waiting just around the corner. When winter begins, we’re even looking forward to eat. There’s Christmas, New Year’s Eve and snow can be kind of okay. In snowy winter, everything seems to be happening below a cold blanked. Everything is dull in a nice way when snow creaks under our shoes. But when February comes, we’re already in spring mood.

Still, before it’s getting warm again, let’s take a look at 7 dishes that are especially tasty when it’s cold and uncomfortable outside. Dishes that are just perfect on days, where you move only between bed and refrigerator wearing a sleeping suit all day long. So bid farewell to winter with a nice casserole!

Hot chocolate

Frappuccino is already calling, but we need to drink one last hot chocolate first. Get the recipe!

Ragout Fin

Ragout Fin is one of Julia’s childhood memories when it comes to food: soy meat in creamy white wine sauce with cheese on top – just the right dish, when it’s stormy outside. Get the recipe!


To be honest: We love lasagna so much, that we even eat it when it’s warm outside. But it tastes way better, when we’re wearing thick socks and hole up in our comfy bed afterwards. Get the recipe!

Potato soup

We’re already looking forward to cool cucumber soup in summer, but for now we want a hearty potato soup! Get the recipe!


The New Year’s Eve classic tastes great from November throughout February – just not, when it’s hot outside. Get the recipe!


Before we move from ice cream to ice cream, let’s eat a last plate of warm vegan ‘Kaiserschmarrn’. Get the recipe!

Alpine Herder’s Macaroni

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