In our series "Food Feast" we regularly visit places, streets or food events to try and eat as much vegan food as possible there - until we roll home. Amongst others, we’ve already been to the Don Xuan Center or Streetfood Thursday at Markthalle 9. You can read all about our culinary trips here.

Let’s get to the bottom of it: How many vegan burgers do we get at Burgers & Hip Hop? Let’s lay it on the line: It’s been quite some time since we’ve been at “Burgers & Hip Hop”. Last time, we remember sunshine, 28 degrees and naked ankles. But there’s no sunshine today. It’s a Saturday, it’s grey and it’s cold. But still, the “King Patty’s Castle” edition baited us to go to Kreuzberg. We recently heard that every food stall of Burgers & Hip Hop has to offer a vegetarian/vegan option. So it was time to do a bit of culinary research and check out, how many vegan burgers we would get.

Burgers & Hip Hop

– King Patty’s Castle –

50 shades of grey. We’re meeting 30 minutes after the opening. Maybe we just wanted to be first. Or maybe we forgot, that Burgers & Hip Hop opens that "late”. Anyway, there’s still a bit of space for us here. Nice! We note down to NOT forget to add a sunny filter on all pictures later.

Protect ya Speck? Alright! Maybe we’ll even get vegan bacon here! Isa is getting nervous.

It always starts with the first walk around to see what options we have. Result: 4 out of 7 food stalls offer vegan burger options, which is fine but then … what about the other ones? We try to deal something.. maybe if we leave out the cheese? No? Bummer. Pro side: 4 burgers are no competition for us. This is an easy one today!

We already have some experience with our “food feast”, so we queue up in two lines parallel to save some time and see who gets the burger faster. Isa is the lucky winner a the Son Kitchen stall, but then she noticed kimchi and jalapeños on her burger. Nice, since we all know HOW MUCH Isa loves spicy food. But the fried veggies are quite good and Julia enjoys all the jalapeños Isa left.

In the meantime, Julia got stuck on a puddle of peanut butter at the Heat&Beat’s food stall, which is always a good sign! The soy patty is roasted on the grill and quickly our burger is topped with marmelade, peanut butter and more peanuts. Spoiler: It does not get better today and we already have the lucky winner!

Our food assistent Maximilian is suprising us with a spontaneous burger purchase at Amandla´s. There’s a short confusion. Shall we top it ourselves or is it meant to be this way? But well, we do as we like and their bean patty is really tasty, as are relish and chutney. Nice one.

So far, we had three burgers but there’s still a small appetite left for the fourth one. But where was it? At Gorillas Barbecue there’s only meat and one vegetarian option. Bitch, cheese.

Maybe here? At least it’s a bit warmer in here … meaning: Just a little less cold. Where is our sun filter by the way?

Sherlock Isa solved the case and is now standing in line for our last vegan burger at Blackbeards. And she’s waiting, … and waiting … and waiting.

Well, hello darling! Grilled mushrooms, eggplant, sweet potato and onions are cuddling. We miss something crunchy in between. It feels like someone just squeezed a whole antipasti buffet in between a bun but that does not mean that it’s not tasty.

Done. We ate all four vegan burgers and will now announce our winner… yes, you already knew it. It’s Heat&Beat. Let’s give them all our “winner coins” and look on the ground to see if someone has dropped their winner coins that we could also use. Afterwards we will learn that they didn’t even made it into the Top 3. Well… it wasn’t us.

By the way: Those muffles (mixed muffin & waffle) by Tatas are smelling SO good and they are not vegan. We’re crying a little.

Let’s grab a cold drink to cool down a little more and roll back home. See you next time, Burgers & Hip Hop!

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