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F I N A L LY, it’s happening! I truly love watching lots of TV series, but I haven’t been more excited for a news season than for this one. In spite of great shows like Fargo, Mr. Robot, Game of Thrones & Co. “Chef’s Table” was by far my favorite series of 2015. And today, season number two is on!

Of course, this is no thrilling fictive series ending in a spectacular season finale, but this is exactly why it really got to me. “Chef’s Table” is real, it’s authentic and touching. It’s not “just” about the food. It’s about passion, dreams, courage, motivation and so much more. And in between all those stories, you’ll definitely find yourself somewhere.

What it is about: In each episode, you can watch a portrait of a worldwide acclaimed chef. In fact, I often asked myself, who those people are and how they got there. And now “Chef’s Table” is giving answers, yay! As it happens, those stories are quite bumpy with lots of obstacles in their way.

In the first season you get to know the Italian chef Massimo Bottura, who had to learn the hard way, that you have to be really carful when “experimenting” with traditional Italian cuisine. There was Niki Nakayama with a restaurant in Los Angeles, who was unfortunately the only woman of the season. But despite the tricky situation of women in the business, she also talked about the difficulties in her own family that she was confronted with while becoming a chef. Or Australian chef Ben Shewry, who tries to bring back regional, almost forgotten ingredients into his restaurant.

In their own way, all chefs are showing that we should value and appreciate each dish and each ingredient the fullest. And regarding the amount of food that we are throwing away in our everyday life, simply because we “just forgot it in the fridge” or whatsoever, that really got me thinking.

In season two, we’re traveling to Brazil, Thailand and Slovenia amongst others. My God, this trailer on its own looks SO delicious and wonderful, that I could go straight to bed and start binge watching. But before you do, one last good news: Season three (that was filmed in France only) is also coming this year. Season four (with Berlin’s chef Tim Raue) is staring next year. Yay, Yay, Yay!

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