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Don't buy it, just do it! 10 easy recipes.

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10 basic dishes and ingredients that you should not buy but prepare yourself! We are no big fans of New Year’s resolutions but big fans of ‚Just do it. Today.’ So it’s irrelevant WHEN you decided to spend more time in the kitchen (Yay!), improve your cooking skills (Whooo!) or simply deal with your food more (Wheee!): We’re here for you and present 10 easy recipes to start with.

You know it and we know it: There are so many things that we are buying that could be easily done at home. Sometimes there seems to be not enough time or we don’t even think about the option of preparing it ourselves. But in the end this is the best way to eat a bit healthier and do something good for your body, because you’ll know exactly what’s in your food. Goodbye neverending ingredient lists and strange things in our food. And no, of course no one gets crucified for store-bought pasta. This article is meant to get started, to deal a bit more with cooking and food. Soon you’ll learn what wonderful magic can happen in your own kitchen!

1. Vegetable stock

R121 Homemade vegetable stock

It couldn’t be easier: Veggies plus broth equals veggie stock. Nevertheless, we ourselves have store bought veggie broths at home. Yes, we do look at ingredients list and always buy the ones without any strange ingredients, but still it’s too easy to prepare a simple vegetable stock to buy something like this. You can even use only organic waste for this like potato peels. Freeze your veggie stock and enjoy homemade broth whenever you need it!

Get the recipe for: Homemade vegetable stock

2. Pasta Dough

Vegetable stock was very easy, alright. With pasta dough , it already seems to get tricky. Not because the preparation itself is tricky, but because it is so comfy to get store bought pasta and because there are some sorts of pasty that you almost can’t do on your own. But just think about replacing store bought pasta with fresh homemade pasta from time to time. And by the way, you can easily do this with a rolling pin and knife if you don’t have a pasta machine.

Get the recipe for: Pumpkin ravioli salad with handmade pasta

3. Pesto

R57 Vegan Summer Pestos

Pesto is such a good ingredient for various dishes. But instead of buying it, you can simply throw together all ingredients you like and make homemade pesto in 5 minutes. This way, people who don’t like garlic, can just leave it out. Next time, if you have any herbs left and don’t know what to do with them, start experimenting and add some fruits or veggies. You’ll be suprised how tasty and special they’ll be!

Get the recipe for: Peach-sweet-potato-pesto, spicy edamame pesto and cherry walnut pesto

4. Oven roasted tomato soup

R123 Oven roasted tomato soup

Let’s shake hands and promise to use powdered tomato soup ever again. Never ever ever. It’s so easy to prepare a good soup on your own, so there are no valid excuses. Grab some fresh tomatoes, throw them in the oven and party without any food additives.

Get the recipe for: Oven roasted tomato soup

5. Hummus

R120 Basic hummus

You can prepare homemade hummus in no more than 5 minutes – ready? Store bought hummus is often too expensive anyway and starting with this basic recipe you can explore the world of hummus! Try adding avocado, dried tomatoes or a spicy version!

Get the recipe for: Basic hummus

6. Spiced oil

A41 Gewuerzoel

Making homemade spiced oil gives you the chance to create your personalized favourite oil and is perfect as a gif for any occasions as well! Add 2 garlic cloves and 2 jalapeno peppers or try 2 branches of rosemary with 2 slices of lemon. Put them in a glass and fill it up with good olive oil. Done!

7. Smoothie

R62 savoy cabbage smoothie

Yes, we know, smoothies are so tempting whenever you see them in the supermarket. But often looking at those prizes are killing any appetite. We don’t want to pay 4-8 Euro for a small jar – especially since the main ingredients are often basic fruits as apples and bananas. So just buy fruits and veggies in season and throw them in your food precessor next time. Using glass bottles, your smoothies are ready to go!

Get the recipe for: Savoy avoado smoothie


You don’t need that much for a simple, good salad vinaigrette and trust us, you will have all ingredients at home right now. If you’re ‚afraid’ of preparing American or Ranch dressing yourself, watch our blog because we will show you soon but for now, let’s get started with this easy vinaigrette. In a bowl, whisk together 3 tbsp good olive oil, 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar, 1 tbsp agave nectar and 1 tsp mustard. Easy as that.

9. Mashed potatoes

R191 Triple Mash

Rumours are that there are still people using powdered potato mash. We almost can’t believe it, since mashed potatoes is one of the easiest dishes ever and it’s even cheaper if you prepare it fresh. Goodbye weird aroma, antidoxidant, stabilizers and all other strange stuff!

Get the recipe for: Triple mashed potatoes

10. Vegan mayo

R20 vegan mayonnaise

Often, people think that making homemade mayo is too tricky. But in reality, you only need 5 ingredients and 5 minutes for this and will be prepared for any sandwich or potato salad afterwards – say whaaat?

Get the recipe for: Vegan mayo

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