How To Eat Like A Gilmore Girl

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Oy with the poodles already! I will celebrate the new season of ‘Gilmore Girls’ by sitting in front of Netflix with good friends and a lot of pizza – as it should be done. I’ve learnt all important (fast food) rules thanks to Lorelai and Rory and they are still valid. If they are drinking so much coffee, it can’t be wrong! In the light of events, we put together the 15 most important food rules and wisdoms of ‘Gilmore Girls’.

1. There is no such thing as ‘too much food’!

2. Value fruits and veggies.

3. The world’s supposedly largest pizza is the best birthday gift ever!

4. Make sure you have the basics in your fridge.

5. Celebrate dinners together!

6. Go with your gut.

7. Chinese food is more important than men.

8. Avoid the mistake to name your food.

9. Give yourself time to really learn how to eat.

10. Don’t let faith or anyone else decide over your wedding cake.

11. Coffee. Always coffee.

12. Never forget about food.

13. When it comes to relationships, pay attention to the real important stuff.

14. There are certain food & TV rules.

15. The best way to get to a party with a lot of strangers:

Well, then let’s go!

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