In our series "Food Feast" we regularly visit places, streets or food events to try and eat as much vegan food as possible there - until we roll home. Amongst others, we’ve already been to the Don Xuan Center or Streetfood Thursday at Markthalle 9. You can read all about our culinary trips here.

We spent our last weekend at our favorite festival: Kosmonaut! Situated directly at the barrier lake at Rabenstein near Chemnitz, Kosmonaut Festival always feels more like a short vacation. Go boating on the lake by day, and dance through the night. It really is the most lovingly, charming and blissful festival and keeps our eyes heart-shaped. The reason is not just the line-up and the joy of guessing their secret headliner (always wrong!), but also the grand amount of vegan food. So in the end we’re always rolling on the lake meadow full and squealing with glee. Time to show you what we ate this year.

Julia came earlier and already checked out this year’s food situation. Isa prepared herself by eating only one sclice of bread- so professional! Kosmonaut Festival welcomes everyone with the hottest weather. But of course that’s no excuse for eating only “light food” and it’s also no excuse for not wearing black dressed today. Ha! Sweaty high five, waving for Instagram and let’s go!

The “Herzblatt” stage is always on of our favorite partys. We would participate, but we’ve already found our jack of hearts and his name is…

… BURRRITOOOO! So we’re delighted that a foodtruck of Mama Burrito& Sons is just waiting for us. They offer a soy burrito that reminds us of sauce bolognese. Jackpot! Only Isa makes a face as it’s a bit spice. We paid 6,50 Euro for it, which is the most expensive food today, but you’ll definitely get full from it. No worries, as professionals we are still able to stuff all upcoming food around it in our tummy.

Pale-leg-foodie Julia. Always looking out for the next snack.

… ha! Success! Julia spotted a new foodtruck called Möhren Milieu. They offer summer rolls, rice noodle salad and rice with curry. Maybe it’s possible to spend the night there?

Isa – always busy with her mobile phone. Food blogs don’t sleep! But internet access is a teaser break today.

Ha! Look who we found! Remember our stylish friend Andy who accompanied us at Markthalle 9? And he’s with us today again, whee!

Long live the bread!

Next stop: vegan doner kebap. They ask what we are taking photos for. After our little explanation, they invite us to put a sticker on their truck… well, thank you, … but we already did so secretly.

The vegan doner of “Green Republic” is good, as always. You really cannot go wrong with this. The long waiting line of “handbrot” next to us is looking jealously.

It’s a common law that there is a “Handbrotzeit” in Germany at every event with more than 30 people. Unfortunately, it’s no common law to offer a vegan option there. But that’s just fine, we will just develop it for ourselves. Ha!

Always a good meal: beer.

We keep walking and stumble upon another new vegan food truck. This little avocado pita costs 5,50 Euro and we have to get a bit critical right now. There’s nearly just salad in an unmotivated piece of bread with so little avocado, that we end up really confused. Didn’t they sell hot dogs and soy steaks last year? What happened?

This is the actually not even necessary proof, that Kosmonaut Festival really is the most beautifu l and lovingly place on earth.

… we haven’t been eaten something for the last minutes. One last summer roll for the team!

But now we’re finishing with a last round of beer. Everyone’s full, sweaty but already planning nighttime snacks.

Conclusion: Uuh, heaven is a place on earth, Kosmonaut Festival! We digest until next year when we will come back. High five!

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