A34 Presents for foodies

Tasty Ten: Christmas Gift Ideas for Foodies

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It’s almost Christmas and you still have no idea what to give to your foodie friends? Don’t worry, we are there for you! Because who could tell you more about things foodies get excited about… than foodies! Some people could think that this is our own wishlist, but be assured that any overlaps are totally accidental.

A34 Presents for foodies

1. Cookbooks

It’s a classic, but cookbooks are always a good idea – if you know what your foodie friend is interested in. We, for example, do not even need all vegan cookbooks, because all others recipes can be interesting and inspiring as well. Eat this, one of our favorite German foodblogs, released 2 new books this year. Krautkopf’s cookbook is already an all time favorite and even if it’s total mainstream: We still love all recipe collections by Jamie Oliver.

2. Ingredients that your frieds buy rarely

There are things you hear and read about, but still don’t buy. Maybe, because they seem too expensive or because you don’t get them in every supermarket. Help out your friends and get them some hot stuff: Oil cooking spray, za’atar, pumpkin seed oil and crazy salts of the world are just the beginning!

A34 Presents for foodies

Enamel cookware

We really don’t know who came up with the statement that it’s barefaced to present someone with pans and pots. Every friend of yours, who loves to cook, will be excited to get useful cookware and enamel is your lifelong partner! Julia is regularly surfing on emaille24.de when she cannot sleep and dreams of pastel-coloured saucepans.

Absurd gadgets

Thing don’t always have to be real deep meaningful. At least this is what we learned when we discovered mustard pistols, bagel cutter and pancake machines that are primarily: FUN! If you’re looking for more ideas, check out our Tasty Ten ‘Kitchen gadgets, you do (not) need’.

A34 Presents for foodies

5. Real practical gadgets

But of course there are also those kitchen gadgets that your friends don’t want to miss anymore! From basics like pasta machines to Isa’s adored Instant Pot or special stuff like bamboo steamers, you’ll find something real helpful. And in a way, it’s also a present to yourself, because next time you’re invited to dinner, they may serve homemade pasta.

6. Food wear

In one of our first Tasty Ten articles, we presented some highlights of beautiful food wear. Remember the Frootloops bathing suit? But of course there are a lot of new shirts, shoes etc. on the market.

A34 Presents for foodies

7. Tattoos

This is no lifelong gift, but it’s the perfect fun for a few days when your friends can show off their new brandnew tattoos of grocery or kitchen gadgets. Tattly’s got your back and we are in love with their ‘Very Hungry Caterpillar Bundle‘.

8. For organized foodies

Do you know foodies that love to organize their stuff? Then just enjoy their joy cry when you get them a labeling machine, that they use to label all of their stock glasses. And by the way, why not give them some more of those glasses? Or what about a recipe box so they will never lose a new recipe anymore?

A34 Presents for foodies

9. Cooking classes

Cooking classes are a wonderful gift! There are classes for everyone – Whether you are looking for basic skills or special ones. There are also vegan classes and in Hamburg, you can find Kurkuma, a whole vegan cooking school. Kochhaus also offers classes throughout Germany and we’re sure there’s one near you!

10. For those who seem to have everything

Your friends already own everything and think they are perfectly happy? Well, they don’t seem to know, that they could also cuddle with their favorite food. Check out those food-pillows that we all want. Most of all number 10.

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