A2 Tasty Ten Foodwear

Tasty Ten: Food Wear

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Burger sweater, sushi socks and taco shirts are piling in our wardrobes, but what can we say… we still need more of them! As if it isn’t enough that our daily life centers on food, we also dress our hot-dog-bellies in the appropriate sweater. Oh my, the universe of foodwear seems to secretly follow our food dreams and print them on every possible textile. If tomorrow only was Christmas and birthday at once. Well, right now, we better defer to you. Here are our Tasty Ten of „Foodwear”.

A2 Tasty Ten Foodwear
  1. Pizza, sushi, ice? Everything, please! Those socks by Monki make it possible and are accompanying us on our walk to the next café. Yay!

  2. Yumm! Can summer please hurry up, so we can spend all our time dressed in this Froot-Loop bathing suit by Aloha From Deer?

  3. Taco Tuesday with a suitable outfit? No problem thanks to this shirt by Kaitlin Smith via Society6.

  4. And since we’re now stuck on Society6 anyway… Share your Sriracha love with the world! Available in the shop of Nosniknej.

  5. Oh man, we’re captured for real on the website! Also this shirt by Tracie Andrews on Society6 whispered to us, that it can perform magic everday.

A2 Tasty Ten Foodwear
  1. We confess: The corresponding sweater is already hanging in our wardrobe. But those trousers by Beloved Shirts would love to be there, too.

  2. Well, pineapple. It’s Julia’s tasty enemy, but at least it got the look and is also quite useful as a bag. So better get it now on ASOS.

  3. Smartphone level 1000! Fried Rice could also stick on your ear soon! Via FakeFoodJapan.

  4. Yes! We say: Yes! Not only this but numerous more rings and necklaces are available in mousemarket‘s Etsy store.

  5. Maybe we could at least borrow one of the fabulous hats of Phil Ferguson, if we only ask kindly enough? Only problem is… which one do we want the most?

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