A8 Kitchengadgets, you (don't) need

Tasty Ten: Kitchen Gadgets, you (don't) need

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In todays episode of „Tasty Ten“ we’re presenting ten kitchengadgets that you don’t need… and still want. There are kitchengadgets, we never want to miss in our kitchen anymore. lemon squeezer, Kitchen Ait, blender, garlic press, grater. They somehow became basic gadgets and are all handy and reasonable. And then there are kitchen gadgets you really do not need… and yet, you’re standing in front of them, starring at them, thinking about the once-in-a-lifetime situation where it would be just perfect to have them around.

A8 Kitchengadgets, you (don't) need
  1. Hands up, mustard! Of course you could use a spoon to get mustard out of the jar, but fun level 100 can only be reached with this mustard pistol, that – of course – you can also load up with ketchup and co.

  2. You like wearing pants? Exactly! And so do your muffins and cupcake. So instead of boring baking forms, you can dress them up with those little pants.

  3. Of course you can cut your bagels simply with a knife. But there has been a bagel cutter on O.C. California and what’s good for Seth Cohen, can’t be wrong for us!

  4. For anyone who has no time for cherry stone spitting (is that even an English term?!) at the moment, there’s this little guy just waiting to help you get out cherry stones.

  5. What an unnecessary, expensive (3500$!) machine! Still, we caught ourselves thinking about how to make room for this pancake-machine in our kitchen.

A8 Kitchengadgets, you (don't) need
  1. As of now, soft pretzels will be perfectly ready in no time. Do we need that? Not really. Nevertheless, do we have a few of those “makers” somewhere in our kitchen? Damn!

  2. For anyone, who has no time to grill a cheese sandwich in a pan, here’s your perfect solution: Just throw your sandwich in this grilled cheese bag and put it in your toaster. Tataa! They say, there’s no crumbling and messing up your whole kitchen, so we’re interested!

  3. Oh no! Now we really need to clear the way for this lovely donut factory. We don’t need it. But we want it. We want it bad.

  4. Yes, you can measure things in a normal cup, but we do have a feeling, that it’s not just our friend Sophie who would rather do it with the help of R2D2.

  5. Toasting rolls and sausages for your next hot dog at the same time. We don’t know why, we’re already starring at this hot-dog-toaster for far too long!

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