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I’ve been working at an office for years and ‘What to eat for lunch?’ seems to be the crucial question. Often, there are no real good options around and it can get real expensive. I just love to prepare my food fresh but office kitchens are normally not that well equipped. So in the end, I had to get creative, to prepare a lunch for everyday, that is quick, variabel and quite cheep. And then, one day, my lunch girls Marie, Milena and I started to take pictures of our office lunch and post them with a recipe on our Instagram feed “This is how we lunch”. This is now going on for more than one and a half year, so it’s time for a “Tasty Ten” choice! What do you eat for lunch?

(1) Pasta made of vegetable is a great office lunch, since they are a light, quick food. If you don’t have a spiralizer, you can buy a julienne peelers and peel whatever you like: carrots, sweet potatoes, zucchini? Do whatever you like! Here is a recipe for zoodles with lentil bolognese.

(2) Sandwiches are ready in nothing and you can put anything on them. Warm or cold, glutenfree or whatever! So how about that Vegan Grilled Cheese Sandwich for your next lunch?

(3) Salad Bowls of the world unite! You can throw in whatever you like, whatever is in season and with the help of rice, couscous and co., you’ll definitely get full in the end. We also love to add some fruits in our salad bowls, so check out this salad with oranges, red grapes and pomegranate seeds!

(4) Back to pasta: When it’s „Comfy Food Friday“ it gets tough to resist. Don’t forget to eat smaller portions and don’t let you sauce get to hearty, or you’ll not get back to work and better lay down for a bit. This pasta with mushrooms and spinach is just perfect!

(5) Potatoes with curd are on our plates at least once a month. Since vegan curd is also available at some supermarkets, it’s getting even more tempting. Just add herbs to your curd, boil some potatoes – easy does it! This combination of warm potatoes and cold curd is nearly unbeatable! And one last safe bet: Add some linseed oil to your potatoes. Yumm!

(6) The same applies to summer rolls. Of course you could buy them, but when preparing them for yourself, you can add whatever you like and don’t pay that much. Rolling is just a matter of practice.

(7) Sweet potatoes are available the whole year. Got a micowave in the office? Great! Just pierce it with a fork all around and let it cook. Alternatively you can also cook it in a pot until it gets soft. Afterwards cut it open and add anything you like!

(8) I developed a real strong love for Asian food int he last years. Whether it’s Vietnamese, Thai or Chinese citchen – I could eat it every day. So rice noodles get on the table quite often, for example those rice noodles in peanut butter sauce.

(9) Maybe “just vegetables” does not sound like the tastiest food at first, but it’s just a matter of preparation. The best thing is to use veggies of season and add some delicious topping or sauces. So just try out this snow pea salad with miso and dijon.

(10) Bibimbap is a dish you can get easily vegan in Berlin. But since we know how easy and quick we can prepare this dish for ourselves, we save the money of eating out. The crucial ingredient seems to be gochujang, that you can get in any Asian supermarket.

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