Tasty Ten: Our 10 favorite cookbooks

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Cookbooks have been and are still important companions in our kitchen. We learned to cook by trying hundreds of recipes from them and over time we developed more and more ideas for our own recipes. We present you ten cookbooks we really, really like and we definitely recommend to buy!

Miyoko Schinner - The Homemade Vegan Pantry

This cookbook is great for both vegan newbies and longtime vegans who want to learn how to prepare homemade staple food. How to make plant-based milk, vegan mayo, Parmesan cheese, salad dressings, pasta, fish fingers, stock, tofu, vegan ribs, pancakes, bread or butter cream in your kitchen? This cookbook will tell you how so you can stock up your vegan pantry.

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Laura Rowe - Taste

This book is not a classic cookbook, but it's the most beautiful one (sorry to all the others), and also the most educational one (sorry again). If you like infographics as much as Julia does (but then, how can you NOT love infographics?!), then buy this book and flick go on a graphic journey through the land of food. Ha. From fun facts to scientific explanations, food traditions and food pairing.

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Eat This - Vegan kann jeder

We are big fans of Eat This! And actually we could recommend every book of Nadin and Jörg. But at this point we definitely have to talk about „Vegan kann jeder“. There are plenty of easy and quick basic recipes in it, you should show your mum or grandma before your next visit. They will love it too!

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Yotam Ottolenghi - Plenty

It feels like everyone can agree on Yotam Ottolenghi. Our cookbook shelf features his cookbooks "Jerusalem", "Nopi" (and "Sweet" is sure to come asap), but we've cooked the most from his vegetarian cookbook "Plenty". Even if you don't eat all ingredients (some of his books feature recipes with meat or seafood), his cookbooks are always inspiring. Grab an idea here, another one there, and suddenly you end up adding pomegranate sauce to your next dessert.

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Colu Henry - Back Pocket Pasta

This pasta cookbook is not a vegan-only book, but this shouldn't stop you from buying it, or at least take a look at it (you'll like it, we promise!). Julia already cooked many repices out of it, from classics as pasta puttanesca to hazelnut pesto. All photos are beautiful and always provoke appetite. We're still working on a proper vegan alternative to seafood.

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Krautkopf - vegetarisch kochen und genießen

We secretly call this book „the holy cooking bible“. Why? Cause we love Susann and Yannic from Krautkopf and their passion to create and style recipes. If you love veggie food, you should definitely buy their cookbook.

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Jamie Oliver - Jamie's Comfort Food (and all of his cookbooks)

It all started with Jamie Oliver. Okay, that was a lie, of course it all started with grandma and mom in the kitchen. But then came Jamie Oliver with whom we've spent numerous Saturday mornings. That means, we were in bed, and Jamie on television. Whether you are actually interested in the dish or just watch for entertaining, Jamie Oliver has this charming, enthusiastic way of cooking that we always like. His cookbooks never disappoint, but the comfort food edition is the one we've cooked the most with so far.

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Nicole Just - La Veganista backt

„La Veganista backt“ was one of Isas first baking books. Wowsi! And Isa is the living proof: you will definitely learn how to bake vegan cakes with this book!

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hotforfood - vegan comfort classics

We are early fans of Lauren Toyotas videos on her YouTbe channel. Last year she announced her first cookbook and we already love it, even it's not published in Germany yet. But that's no problem at all, we are waiting until the end of february for it!

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Julia Stelzner - Wie wir kochen

Whoops, who's that? Ah, it's us! Last year we were part of Julias Stelzners new project, called „Wie wir kochen“. A lot of wonderful foodbloggers are part of it and we are super proud to be one of them. We love the idea to present recipes, photos and interviews from each of them.

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