Tasty Ten: Our 10 favorite kitchen tools

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The most important room in our apartement is the kitchen. Clinking glasses, a tempting smell from the oven and a full refrigerator! You see: we spend a lot of time in our kitchens, to cook, bake, meet friends and hang loose. And we also find a lot of inspiration here cause we are kitchen-equipment-junkies, collecting a wide range of gadgets and pretty things we need (or not need). We decided to show you 10 items, we really, really love and also unquestionably need.

Rolling Pin

Is it possible to work in a kitchen without a rolling pin? We don't think so! Isa loves to roll out doughs, whether for pasta, cakes or cookies. By the way: we heard that rolling out dough makes you really, really strong.

citrus press

You can squeeze out a lemon with your hands, using a spoon or a citrus press. We love this handy, yellow press because you can use it for any big or small piece of lemon or lime without making your hands „dirty“ PLUS directly squeeze it on top of a dish or directly into a sauce, etc.

cooling grid

You already assumed this one, right? So if you're really into that baking business, you can't work without a cooling grid to give your cookies and cakes and nice place to cool down. Furthermore it's quite handy to glaze your sweets.

fine grater

Every kitchen should feature a perfectly sharp and convenient grater. This one is a longtime companion when we want to grate citrus, garlic cloves or nutmeg. Microplane grates (no, we're not getting any money for that) are simply a bit sharper than others ones and are therefore worth the money, trust us.

Ball jars

It's quite important to use jars to protect your food from moths. And by the way: jars are giving your kitchen a very clean and tidy look. We use jars for almost everything and are stacking them up to the ceiling. It's definitely love.

deep frying pan

This small pan is not one of Julia's favorites just because it was a Christmas present from Isa. No, this is simply the deep-fried accolade to knighthood. Because of it's form and the matching frying gitter it's not only supereasy but also elegant to deep-fry in the future.

dough scraper

Baking without a dough scraper is like cooking without a pot. Isa owned three of them - safe is safe.

measuring cups

You've probably cooked or baked with American recipes so far and maybe you too had to first google how many grams are a cup of flour or how many milliliters are half a cup of vegetable oil, right? Save yourself some time and effort by bying measuring cups that also look quite pretty!

lots of tiny bowls

The world needs more tiny bowls! While entering our kitchen, you will recognize that we own a lot of small and big bowls. Some people think it's funny that we always transfer our food in a lot of tiny bowls, but we take this business very serious.

potato masher

We promise that everybody will fall in love with this kitchen utensil! I sometimes develop an appetite for mashed potatoes by only looking at this potato masher. It's so much fun to use if that you don't want to stop mashing potatoes any more and it helps you to get either slighly chunky or super creamy mashed potatoes - however you like them best.

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