A36 Vegan Sweets in German supermarkets

Tasty Ten: Vegan Sweets you'll get in your Supermarket

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Dear grandma, you are always asking me if I can still have some sweets, even if I am vegan. So I wrote a list. Grandparents love to give us sweets for every occasion. So there was big panic when I told them I am vegan and won’t eat milk, eggs and butter anymore. Meanwhile, the situation is solved and my grandma treats me with lot of funny stuff like roasted onions instead (Love to my granny!) I really love the idea, but if you don’t, we have some yummy alternatives for you here.

There are a lot of vegan sweets in supermarkets, and we don’t speak about all the fancy new vegan stuff, but ten vegan sweets, that are ‘accidentally’ vegan, that you can find them in nearly each supermarket. Sharpen your pencil!

Jelly fruits

A36 Vegan sweets in supermarkets

So let’s start with a sort of sweets that a lot of people don’t really like. Just: WHY? When it come to jelly fruits it’s all about sugar, sugar & sugar. Inside and outside there is sugar and sometimes it tastes like raspberry or banana, sure! Instead of gelatin they often use agar agar or pectin which is vegan. It gets even greater with jelly bananas, because they are covered in dark chocolate. Julia can eat a full package within a few minutes.


A36 Vegan sweets in supermarkets

If you are a chocolate-addict, you can remember this rule of thumb: the higher the cocoa amount in chocolate bars, the better is your chance that the bar is vegan. Bittersweet chocolate (also stuffed bittersweet chocolate) is vegan most of the time. The Marzipan chocolate from Ritter Sport is vegan and the ones from Böhme (orange, lemon, strawberry, mint and more) are vegan too. A good tip if you love Bountys: try coconut flakes with dark chocolate.

Mon Cherie

A36 Vegan sweets in supermarkets

This for you grannies! Mon Cherie is not one of our favorites and it doesn’t get tasties just because it’s vegan. But if your grandma is offering you a piece the next time you can have it, even if it’s only out of politeness.


A36 Vegan sweets in supermarkets

Oh my god! There is nothing better in this world than Oreos. If anyone offers you dry, vegan cookies, just say no and grab some Oreos. Cause well, me oh my. We love Oreos.

Manner Waffles

A36 Vegan sweets in supermarkets

In times, when nearly every company is trying to launch vegan products, ‘Manner’ waffles are adorning themselves with the slogan “Even vegan before others knew what this means”. It’s a bit absurd, but well, those waffles are real tasty and you get them almost everywhere – even as a last snack on the airport.


A36 Vegan sweets in supermarkets

If you’re not in the mood for chocolate, but just want sugarsugarsugar, you should get some Skittles. Unfortunately, there are not as many products in Germany than there are in the US, but anyway.

Nimm2 Soft

A36 Vegan sweets in supermarkets

Surprise! The candy ‘Nimm2’ itself is in fact not vegan, but their enhanced candies ‘Nimm2 soft’ are vegan for sure. And they are tastier and more exciting anyway, because they explode if you chew them. Wonderful! There’s also a sour version that you should try.

Gummy bears by Haribo & Trolli

A36 Vegan sweets in supermarkets

Gummy bears often contain gelatin or bees wax or shellac, too bad! But some companies still have vegan, mostly sour, options. Next time when shopping, check out if your supermarket is offering one of those examples: Trolli Bizzl Mix, Haribo Pasta-Frutta, Pasta Basta and ‘Saure Gurken’.


A36 Vegan sweets in supermarkets

Are you sad, because you cannot eat ‘Maoam’? Well don’t be because there’s ‘Mamba’ which tastes the same and is cheeper anyway. Perfect!

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