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The year is coming to an end – to be honest rather quickly. We’re currently snoozing on the couch at our family’s houses and it’s somehow easier to click through statistics and analytics with a belly full of Christmas dinner. So we had the idea to share them with you and present the 10 most favorite recipes of 2017!

They include hearty German food, moist all-time-favorite cakes as well as some international dishes that could win your heart.

10 - Vegan cinnamon buns

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We updated (and of course improved) our old recipe for cinnamon buns and since then, we’ve seen you baking them so often! They turn out soft and wonderful everytime.

9 - Snickerdoodles with pumpkin

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After you’ve eaten half of the dough, you will be grated with super soft, moist cookies fresh out of the oven. Even though there’s pumpkin spice in its ingredient list, we would bet that we’ll bake these snicker doodles before next fall again.

8 - Scallion pancakes

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Pancakes don’t always have to be sweet and these Chinese pancakes with spring onions are the perfect proof. Eat them as a snack, side dish or just a stack of them as a main.

7 - Spaghetti Polpetto

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Vegan meatballs? Isa seems to have hit the bullseye with this recipe and cooked the most liked pasta dish of this year.

6 - Stuffed soy steaks with dumplings and sauerkraut

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Although we release the recipe for vegan stuffed soy meat (German ‚Rouladen’) not until November, they still make it to our top 10 of the year, which shows HOW much you all loved it. We’ve seen so many of you cook them for Christmas and that just makes us very, very, VERY happy.

5 - Vegan Russian cheesecake

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It’s a common thought that it’s probably difficult to veganize the old classic cake recipes from our grandmas. But it’s often not the case and we love the challenge to find the right recipes. This vegan Russian cheesecake is a good start for vegan baking.

4 - Vegan fried egg

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While experimenting in the kitchen, we suddenly found a vegan fried egg in our pan and it’s a quite good one. We’ll continue to improve the recipe but until then, this vegan fried egg will be a part of our breakfast.

3 - Vegan curd doughnuts

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Everything tastes better after being deep-fried – everybody should know that by now. So it’s no surprise that tons of these sweet fried dough balls were landing first in a deep-fry bath and then in your mouth.

2 - Vegan chocolate brownies

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This came as a small surprise for us, too. Brownies may not be the fanciest recipe, but it’s quick, easy and delicious. We sure give you that!

1 - Japanese gyoza

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When searching for the most favorite recipes of the year, we’re just as excited as you are to see which one made it to the top. And we’re happy that these small gyozas were loved by you as much as we loved them. Yay!

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