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Those 5 Fast Food Restaurant Chains are on out Wishlist to go vegan

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Starbucks, ‘Back-Factory’ and even ‘Nordsee’ are doing it. But we’d also love to see those 5 fast food restaurant chains going vegan in 2017! Don’t get us wrong. Of course there is not a single restaurant chain that is forced to offer vegan options at all. But it seems that some others noticed that there’s a demand for vegan food, because no, vegans don’t always have the time to prep a nice dish. We’re human. And if we’re out and about traveling and getting hungry, we need a snack because otherwise we can get real grumpy. By now, there are already some choices – and of course we’re talking about Germany here. There’s flatbread with falafel at ‘Starbucks’, wraps and sandwiches at ‘Back-Factory’, pasta with tomato sauce in on-bord-restaurants in our trains and even a portobello burger at the fish restaurant ‘Nordsee’. But we came across 5 other fast food restaurant chains that we’d love to ‘go vegan’ in 2017. Here they are.

Dunkin Donuts

A38 Vegan Fast Food

We sure love the all-vegan donut store ‘Brammibal’s’ in Berlin, so we’re wondering why there isn’t even a single, little vegan donut at ‘Dunkin Donuts’. Thinking about marketing strategy, extending their range, whatever – I’ve been thinking for quite a long time that they would come up with a vegan donut sooner or later. But then maybe it’s not even that bad, because it would be really tricky to resist this temptation.


A38 Vegan Fast Food

We really don’t understand why there is no real vegan sandwich at Subway, because nothing could be easier! Since they use egg in their veggie patties, you can only eat some bread (and not even every bread is vegan) with BBQ sauce and veggies. Everytime I order this, the ‘sandwich artist’ asks me if I am vegan, so they seem to notice this with several people. Please, Subway, give us some more!


A38 Vegan Fast Food

‘Ditsch’ started to mark their pretzels with a big sign saying ‘VEGAN’, so at least they already know, what we’re up to! But apart from this, we miss any kind of vegan sandwiches, vegan ‘butter’ pretzels or vegan pizza options. Why, oh why. Fingers crossed for 2017!

Any restaurant serving doner kebap

A38 Vegan Fast Food

Maybe I go to the ‘wrong’ places or there really are just a few restaurants serving a vegan sauce to a doner kebab. Yes, they all DO have vegan hot sauce, but nobody can eat only hot sauce on a doner kebap… right? This is why sometimes, I just buy some doner with salad stuffing only and add vegan garlic sauce at home. But then there are those few restaurants serving vegan mango or sesame sauce, so we do have hope for 2017.

Pizza Hut

A38 Vegan Fast Food

Several delivery services and pizza restaurants are proving that it’s super easy to serve vegan pizza. Of course we could personalize a vegan pizza at Pizza Hut if we would order online or probably if we’d like to eat a whole pizza. But simply leaving out cheese often ends in a dry, sad pizza. And to tell the truth, we are peering at the slices anyhow and would love to scarf down a vegan one on our next sprint to the train. Maybe this year…

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