A123 Vegan Christmas sweets in German supermarkets

Vegan Christmas sweets in German supermarkets

Every year it's the same question: When is the official start to eat gingerbread, spiced cookies, and Co. (or even better: to do it by yourself)? Our previous research revealed that people are looking confused in October, but you get the first jealous glances in November. And if you didn't eat a single gingerbread in December, you are definitely too late.

We are great Christmas candy lovers, so we moved from supermarket to supermarket and wrote down which vegan Christmas sweets we've found. You've discovered vegan Christmas sweets in your supermarket too? We are always looking forward to your comments and enhancements.

Watch out# 1! We can not guarantee that every gingerbread in the world is vegan. So please always look at the ingredient list! Sometimes ingredient lists are changing faster than you can eat a package of gingerbread cookies.

Watch out# 2! Although we name and show brands in this article, it's not associated with any cooperation. We have not received money or any other form of compensation from a brand, supermarket, or agency.

Vegan Chocolate Gingerbread

A123 Vegane Weihnachtssüßigkeiten im Supermarkt

Gingerbread is one of the classic Christmas candies. You get them with different chocolate coatings, with and without filling, in small and large, in the shape of hearts, stars, and pretzels. Have a look for gingerbread covered in dark chocolate. Most of the time, they are entirely plant-based.

__ We’ve found vegan gingerbread at: __

  • Denns (eg glazed gingerbread, cherry bombs, gingerbread hearts, “Elisenlebkuchen “)
  • dm (eg cherry bombs, “Elisenlebkuchen “)
  • Edeka (eg filled gingerbread hearts, mini gingerbread)
  • Kaufland (eg gingerbread, filled gingerbread hearts, “Aachener Printen “)
  • Rewe (eg chocolate gingerbread in the shape of pretzels)

Check our recipe for simple, vegan gingerbread here.

speculoos (almond biscuits)

A123 Vegane Weihnachtssüßigkeiten im Supermarkt

It's quite simple to bake speculoos at home because it's nothing more than an aromatic shortcrust pastry. But we've never handled these pretty motives from the packed ones, cause it's really not easy to copy. So we totally understand anyone who prefers the version from the supermarket.

__We've found vegan speculoos at: __

  • Denns (eg Almond speculoos)
  • Edeka (eg spiced speculoos)
  • Lidl (eg spiced speculoos)
  • Kaufland (eg spiced speculoos)
  • Rewe (eg spiced speculoos, almond speculoos)

“Dominosteine“ (Lebkuchen cookies with marzipan and apricot jelly layers, covered with dark chocolate)

A123 Vegane Weihnachtssüßigkeiten im Supermarkt

From our own experience, we can advise that making “Dominosteine “at home is not one of the best ideas - unless you have VERY much time and VERY much patience. The individual layers of brown gingerbread, jelly, marzipan, and chocolate coating take a lot of time and experience.

As I said: If you are bored, then go for the domino project. Otherwise, just buy the small, sweet cubes in the supermarket.

__ We’ve found vegan “dominosteine “at: __

  • Alnatura
  • Edeka
  • Lidl
  • Rossmann


A123 Vegane Weihnachtssüßigkeiten im Supermarkt

The ingredient list of marzipan is quite simple: almonds, sugar/syrup, cocoa (sometimes mixed with cinnamon), rose or cherry water, oils, and flavors. That means that marzipan potatoes can also be made easily at home but also that most marzipan potatoes in the supermarket are vegan.

We've found vegan marzipan sweets at:

  • Denns (eg marzipan potatoes)
  • dm (eg marzipan balls with cocoa)
  • Edeka (eg “Edelmarzipan“, almond balls, marzipan, marzipan potatoes)
  • Kaufland (eg marzipan potatoes)
  • Rewe (eg marzipan potatoes)
  • Rossmann (eg marzipan potatoes, marzipan stollen)

candied nuts

A123 Vegane Weihnachtssüßigkeiten im Supermarkt

Nothing reminds us more of Christmas markets than candied nuts. They not only provide us with caries but keep our hands warm. So we especially love candied nuts warm and fresh, but that's just our opinion. If you can't make it to a Christmas market, have a closer look at the supermarket, cause most of them are vegan.

__We've found candied nuts at: __

  • Denns (eg candied cashews, candied almonds)
  • Edeka (eg candied almonds)

Check our recipe for homemade candied nuts [here] (https://www.zuckerjagdwurst.com/en/recipes/candied-almonds).

Jelly sweets

A123 Vegane Weihnachtssüßigkeiten im Supermarkt8

Do you also know these sweets that you loved as a kid, and now it's impossible to imagine WHY you thought that was delicious? So is Julia with Christmas jelly (oh God, and fondant tree hanging!). Okay, that was a mean entry, cause it's a matter of taste, of course. After all, both sweets are very often vegan. But please, always have a look at the ingredient list and pay attention to gelatin and dyes in general - E120 is real carmine from female scale insects. Delicious!

__We've found vegan jelly sweets at: __

  • Edeka (eg pineapple jelly stars)
  • Kaufland (eg jelly tree hangings, jelly bananas)

Pfeffernüsse (“gingerbread biscuits“)

A123 Vegane Weihnachtssüßigkeiten im Supermarkt

The aromatic, slightly dry pastry called “Pfeffernüsse“ comes out without pepper, but also without eggs and milk. The only ingredient from animals is butter, so it's quite easy to veganize it. But be careful about the sugar pearls or sprinkles: Care for the dyes (keyword: E120).

We've found vegan “Pfeffernüsse“ at:

  • Alnatura
  • Denns
  • Edeka
  • Rewe

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