A49 Mugrabi

A huge portion of humus is waiting for you next to Görlitzer Park! Last winter the Café Mugrabi opened in Kreuzberg with a lot of isreali dishes. And that’s what the menu sounds like: humus, shakshuka, cakes, coffee, baked eggs and fresh bread. I know, a lot of that stuff is not vegan, BUT: the stuff that is vegan, is really good! You can go there for lunch, breakfast or brunch. I recommend: a bowl with hummus, salad and fresh bread is so satisfying, you won’t believe it! So if you are visiting or living in Kreuzberg, go to Mugrabi!

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    3 stars
  • Vegan, Vegetarian or Omnivorous: omnivorous
  • Opening hours: mo-fr: 10am-5pm, tuesday closed, sa-su: 10am-6pm
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A49 Mugrabi
A49 Mugrabi
A49 Mugrabi

You definitely have to try ..

Unfortunately there are only two or three vegan dishes for lunch, but they taste really good. Also the coffee is very good, and even the chili-oil (and normally I don’t like hot food or dips).

Who wants your last morsel?

The Mugrabi is a good place for lunch, so there are a lot of people who are working nearby. But keep calm the lovely waitresses will care for you.

The best thing are ..

Definitely the two boys, who managed our table. My dish was a bit late, so they offered me free cake or coffee. What a lovely and sweet service. (I said no of course.)

Be prepared for ..

There are only a few dishes to choose between. Every table gets free water with mint and this is very cool. So make sure you are don’t visit this place with people who don’t like humus or shakshuka. There are not a lot alternatives.

If this restaurant would be an animal ..

.. it would be a beaver. Not that big, a bit shy but very lovely.

A49 Mugrabi
A49 Mugrabi
Isa Zucker
Isa Zucker

Isa Zucker loves cake and potato salad. On a perfect sunday she wants to eat fresh waffles and homemade lemonade.