Store-bought vegan ice creams (in Germany)
A114 Store-bought vegan ice creams

The time has come! Get your ice cream spoons ready for the most significant ice cream testing this year! We bought 12 vegan ice creams and searched for qualified ice creams testers in Berlin. The taste, consistency, ingredient list, price and look are the aspects we are interested in. We focused on plant-based “dairy ice cream,“ with a “milky“ texture; cause sorbets are most of the time vegan anyway. We are interested in your feedback: Did you already tried vegan ice cream brands and which one do you like most?

One last thing, before we start: the order of the ice creams is completely random. We mention a lot of brands in this article, but it's not sponsored by any brands, agencies or what so ever. This article is based on our opinions and experiences.

Help us to keep this article up to date! Did you discover a brand new ice cream flavor in your supermarket? Tell us about your experiences and discoveries in the comments! We are happy about ice cream news to keep this article entirely up to date.

Ben & Jerry's

A114 Store-bought vegan ice creams

Vegan flavors: “Chunky Monkey“ (banana, chocolate bits, walnuts) and “peanut butter & cookies“ (vanilla ice cream, cookies, peanut butter), in the US there are 9 vegan flavors
Price: up to 5,99 € (500 ml)
You can get it here: Rewe, Edeka, Real, Kaufland, Spätis
Based on: almonds

We fell in love with Ben&Jerrys with our first spoon. Julia already tried her first vegan Ben&Jerrys in New York, cause the US launched the vegan flavors a bit earlier. Our favorite is “Peanut Butter & Cookies“ cause the cookies are crisp, the flavor is intense and sweet and consistency alright. All of the flavors are based on almonds (we like), but you can hardly taste it. The ice cream needs a bit time to become softer and could be a bit softer, for our taste. But a fact we like: no one will recognize this ice cream is entirely plant-based. Even if the ingredient list is a bit too long, we think it's fantastic vegan ice cream.

REWE Soy Ice Cream

A114 Store-bought vegan ice creams

Vegan flavors: vanilla and chocolate
Price: 2,49 € (500 ml)
You can get it here: REWE
Based on: soy

We've had the vegan vanilla ice cream of REWE before this test, so we can double confirm that this is a wonderful creamy, delicious vegan ice cream which doesn't cost much. Our eaters around the table all agreed. It has a nice vanilla flavor, that's still not too intense. So go for it, there's nothing that you can do wrong with this ice cream.


A114 Store-bought vegan ice creams

Vegan flavors: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry
Price: from 3,99 € (500 ml)
You can get it here: Real, Kaufland
Based on: coconut

Testing the ice cream of Carlotta, we immediately noticed a different consistency that even reminded us of mousse au chocolate. It's fluffy and very, very soft. Now, you have to decide because there are people who don't want their ice cream to be fluffy and then there are people who like this a lot. All flavors of Carlotta are based on coconut which you can taste, and which might also be the reason why the chocolate doesn't taste that intense. If you're looking for vegan milk-like ice cream, and are not the biggest fan of dark chocolate, this is the right ice cream for you.

REWE soy ice cream on a stick

A114 Store-bought vegan ice creams

Vegan flavors: vanilla&passion fruit, vanilla&wild berry
Price: from 1,79 € (for 2x Maracuja, 2x Waldbeere)
You can get it here: REWE
Based on: soy

This is the only popsicle-like ice cream that we've tested so far. We are quite impressed with both flavors as we cannot find anything to criticize – from texture to taste of the ice cream itself and the fruity coating everything is perfect. So far, we haven't seen a comparable vegan popsicle in this price range. Not only us, but all our test eaters are fans!


A114 Store-bought vegan ice creams

Vegan flavors: chocolate, mango, coconut, banana&avocado&hazelnut, vanilla tonka bean
Price: 5,99 € (550 ml)
You can get it here: Rewe, Kaufland, Edeka, Alnatura, Dennree, tegut
Based on: coconut

We have eaten ice cream from lycka before and especially like their mango and chocolate ice cream a lot. For our test, we decided to go with a new flavor, but we have to admit that we didn't like it that much. It was a combination of banana, avocado, and hazelnut and the banana flavor was so intense that we almost couldn't taste anything else. The texture was also not that creamy, but if you like nice cream, you'll also love this flavor! We'll just go for mango again the next time. However, there are some things we especially like with this one: it consists of 100 % natural ingredients, the list of ingredients is also short and with each bought ice cream lycka is enabling a school lunch of a child in Burundi, Africa.


A114 Store-bought vegan ice creams

Vegan flavors: pistachio chocolate bits, goji berries & pumpkin seed oil, roasted almonds & maple syrup
Price: 6,95 (500 ml)
You can get it here: Kaufland, Real, Rewe, Edeka, Budnikovsky
Based on: oats and coconut

It's the first time we are trying Luicella's Ice Cream. We bought “pistachio chocolate bits“ and fell in love with it. The texture is kind of milky and creamy! The taste of the pistachio could be a bit more intense. The pistachio lovers were a bit sad about it, but the others loved it, cause it reminded us of stracciatella ice cream.

There are two shops of “Luicella's Ice Cream“ in Hamburg: one in St. Pauli and one in St. Georg. By the way: not all flavors are vegan so always keep in mind to check the ingredients.

take it veggie soy ice cream

A114 Store-bought vegan ice cream

Vegan flavors: vanilla
Price: 1,99 € (500 ml)
You can get it here: Kaufland
Based on: soy

The vanilla ice cream, from “take it veggie“ has an unusual texture, more like a souffle and even reminding us slightly of pudding. Some of our test eaters liked it, and some others didn't, so try it to find out what you're thinking. Still, this ice cream surprised some of our test eaters because it has an intense vanilla flavor and doesn't taste like soy at all. Altogether it's delicious ice cream for a super low price.

Das Eis

A114 Store-bought vegan ice creams

Vegan flavors: more than 20 flavors (e.g., Choco Cookie Dough, Double Nut, Peanut Raspberry, Triple Choc, Creme Karamell)
Price: 5,99€ (500 ml)
You can get it here: Denn’s, Alnatura, Basic, REWE, Edeka, Globus, Tegut
Based on: oat

We've never eaten an ice cream by “Das Eis“ before and chose to go with the flavor “Choco Cookie Dough.“ Our ice cream jury disagreed on this one though. What everybody liked is that the oak isn't dominant and there's also no soy in this ice cream. The texture is kind of milky and reminded us of whole milk chocolate even. BUT the cookies… well, decide for yourself, some parts of the jury thought that they were too soft.


A114 Store-bought vegan ice cream

Vegan flavors: almond vanilla, wild berry, salty peanut, pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate, mango, golden ice
Price: 7,99 € (400 ml)
You can find it here: Basic, Vitalia, Reformhaus and in organic shops
Based on: cashew

We are introducing the most expensive ice cream of our test by now: iceDate! At first, we definitely like the ingredients of this ice cream: they are using dates instead of refined sugar and a cashew cream made of cashews and water. Almond vanilla only consists of five ingredients, wow! But unfortunately, the taste and the consistency were not convincing. The ice cream needs a lot of time to become, and the flavor of dates is a bit too intense, for our taste.

Happy Coco

A114 Store-bought vegan ice creams

Vegan flavors: lemon, raspberry, chocolate, strawberry, caramel and sea salt
Price: 1,99 € (120 ml)
You can find it here: LPG-Biomarkt, Basic, Denn's, Volcorner Bio
Based on: coconut

There were mixed opinions about the flavor “Caramel Seasalt“ from Happy Coco during our test. Some of our ice cream eaters loved the combination of sweet and salty and the fluffy texture of the ice cream. The others ones were not convinced and thought this combination with coconut was a bit too much. But if you like the taste of coconut, this ice cream is perfect for you. If you're not into it, better grab another one. By the way, Happy Coco is certified organic and new to the market.


A114 Store-bought vegan ice creams

Vegan flavors: 13 flavors (e.g., mango, passion fruit, blood orange, cassis, sweet woodruff)
Price: 4,99 € (500 ml)
You can get it here: Rewe, Edeka, Real, Kaufland, Ullrich, Famila, Metro, Sky, Kaufland, open-late stores, bakeries
Based on: Wasser und Fruchtpüree

The ice cream of Florida Eis is definitely one of our favorites when it comes to fruit ice cream. Their intense taste and creamy, almost milky texture make us melt again and again. If you think that fruit ice cream is always frosty, then try out Florida ice cream! All flavors are available in small and large packages, some of them are not vegan though. Since the company is originated in Berlin, you can find it almost everywhere in the city.

Booja Booja

A114 Store-bought vegan ice creams

Vegan flavors: Chocolate Salted Caramel, Caramel Pecan Praline, Raspberry Ripple, Hazelnut Chocolate Truffle, Keep Smiling Vanilla Gorilla, Hunky Punky Chocolate
Price: 8,80 € (500 ml)
You can find it here: Veganz, Biomare, Biotopia, Reformhaus, LPG-Biomarkt, Denn's and some smaller organic stores
Based on: water and cashews

We already fell in love with Booja Booja when we saw the pretty packaging and read the sweet names of their ice cream flavors. We decided to go for “Hunky Punky Chocolate“ for our test and noticed that they take the chocolate ice cream game pretty serious. Some of our test eaters thought that it tastes almost too chocolaty and one tasted that it's made with cocoa powder. However, there are only four ingredients used for the ice cream which is impressive.

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