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I am hopelessly in love. Eight weeks ago I searched online for some new kitchen stuff. I didn’t know before that I can fell in love with a silver chunk in only two minutes. But it’s like that, and I am hopelessly in love. And this wonder pot called „instant pot“ is sitting in my head like a big stone and doesn’t move anymore. ARGH. Why? Because I’ve read this paragraph:

“If you live a fast-paced, health-oriented and green-conscious lifestyle, Instant Pot is designed specifically for you. Instant Pot is a smart Electric Pressure Cooker designed by Canadians with the objectives of being Safe, Convenient and Dependable. It speeds up cooking by 2~6 times using up to 70% less energy, and, above all, produces nutritious, healthy food in a convenient and consistent fashion.“

Help! In only two seconds my head was full of perfectly cooked broccoli, lentils, potatoes, and rice I cooked with my beloved instant pot, that I will serve with some yummy peanut sauce, cilantro and fresh cucumber salad. Oh, my … I don’t want it; i NEED it.

There’s another point that makes me faint: you can time your instant pot up to 24h!!!1!!!111! WHOA? How crazy is that? This means that I could prepare everything for dinner on the evening before, will come home 24h later and my meal is ready to eat. Oh my god, this has to be foodie-heaven for people with time-pressure like me.

But my reasonable part of my brain also pipes up, cause there are three points against the love between my instant pot and me. First, there's no place in my kitchen left for more kitchen stuff. My sister is always shaking her head when I am coming home with some new dishes and things for the kitchen. Second: sure I could boil my vegetables and rice like everyone else or the last twenty years. I know that. I don’t need it that urgent, I could also use a pan or pot. I survived the past years without it. I KNOW THAT. Because the last point is also not that unimportant: an instant pot costs 120$. It’s a lot of money, yes. But there are some points left I concealed until NOW. These ten facts are like burned in my foodie-brain and don’t want to go. Meeeeeeh.

1. Overcooked?

The instant pot knows exactly how long your vegetable, rice, potatoes or tofu sausage needs to be perfect. Nothing will be overcooked or not al dente. Also, your food will keep their vitamins and nutrients.

2. Hours of waiting until you're stew is ready?

I am not a stew-lover and never was. I don’t have the time for it, mostly it’s not that yummy and for my taste often too fat. With an instant pot, you have to click one button, add all the ingredients and that’s it. What?

3. Oatmeal in my heart.

Do you love oatmeal? Oh, yes, me too! And guess what? Your instant pot loves it also. Fill in all the ingredients you want the evening before and when you get up your warm and yummy oatmeal is ready for you.

4. Saucy sauce problems?

With an instant pot, you can cook sauces, reduce or warm them up. Sounds eaaaasy!

5. Energy? You don’t have to leave!

An instant pot is more energy-efficient than your oven. You can save up to 70%. WOW.

6. I am sorry little gas oven.

You know what? You can bake a cake in an instant pot. Damn, this thing is a mess. A DAMN CAKE?

7. Be thrilled for your dinner.

You can time your instant pot up to 24h. So you can come home, and your dish is already done. uh yes!

8. Not that hot.

Instant Pots don’t heat their surroundings and are very quiet. No more reasons not to bake a cake in summer.

9. Fast, Faster, Instant Pot!

Everythings faster at high pressure. Your vegetable is ready in two or three minutes, cereals in 20 minutes.

10. Your sponge can have a break.

One meal, one instant pot. With all the different programs your instant pot offers you, your sponge can have a break. You can „sauté“ your onions first and add your vegetable or meat or rice afterward. No pans or pots to clean anymore. The bowl inside of the instant pot is also dishwasher safe.

It sounds a bit like, but we don’t get money for that article. It’s just my little heart that screams for this instant pot. Do you know that feeling? I had the same for my Kitchen Aid two years ago, because everything about it sounds just perfect. That’s so mean! Please kick me out of this slowly cooked cloud, or I have to get this thing at the beginning of June. ARGH.

I will let you know when the Instant Pot is a member of my family. By then, I will lay on a field of vegetables and dream about me and my instant pot, the new recipes I will try, me dancing around and talking about my foodie-dreams. haaaaaaa.

Photo: Instant Pot

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