Do you still know where your waffle iron is hiding? We could bet that everyone of us had this moment when we thought: I absolutely need a waffle iron (this can be replaced with sandwich maker, donut maker, ...) So the first weekend after buying it, you invited all your friends to eat waffles all day long. Everybody was so happy and wanted to repeat this tasty happening every weekend from now on. But then the little waffle iron disappeared somehow and was pushed further and further back in your cupboard.

But today it will see daylight again! (And we promise to use it more often from now on.) This recipe is part of our small recipe collection about store-bought vegan doughs so we're using a store-bough vegan cinnamon roll dough.

Alternatively you can also prepare the dough yourself, of course!

Vegan Cinnamon Bun Waffles

8 waffles
20 minutes


  • 2 packages store-bought vegan cinnamon roll dough
  • 50 g (0.5 cup) confectioner's sugar
  • 1 tsp water
  • vegetable oil for greasing


  1. Preheat your waffle iron. In the meantime remove store-bought dough from the package and cut each into 4 equal-sized pieces.

  2. Grease the heated waffle iron with some vegetable oil. Depending on the size of your waffle iron, add one or two cinnamon rolls, then close the waffle iron and bake waffles for approx. 3 minutes or until golden brown. Afterwards repeat this step until all the dough is used up.

  3. Add confectioners sugar and water to a small bowl and stir to combine. If the glaze is too thick for your taste, add a bit more water. Drizzle glaze on top of cinnamon waffles while they are still warm, serve directly.

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