A114 Store-bought vegan ice creams

Store-bought vegan ice creams (in Germany)

Week after week, you can find more vegan products in German supermarkets and organic stores. It's hard to keep track of them all, so we regularly eat our way through vegan alternatives, so you don't have to. Which vegan cheese or sausage is our favorite and which is the vegan ice cream we wouldn't buy again? You can find all of our vegan shopping guides here.

The time has come! Get your ice cream spoons ready for the most significant ice cream testing this year! We bought 12 vegan ice creams and searched for qualified ice creams testers in Berlin. The taste, consistency, ingredient list, price and look are the aspects we are interested in. We focused on plant-based “dairy ice cream,“ with a “milky“ texture; cause sorbets are most of the time vegan anyway. We are interested in your feedback: Did you already tried vegan ice cream brands and which one do you like most?

One last thing, before we start: the order of the ice creams is completely random. We mention a lot of brands in this article, but it's not sponsored by any brands, agencies or what so ever. This article is based on our opinions and experiences.

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Abbot Kimmney's

A144 Store-bought vegan ice creams

Vegan varieties: Ice cream on a stick: Almond Frostick, Coco Frostick, Coco Frosticl Double Cocoa, Ice cream in a cup: Cocoa, Mango & Passionfruit, Natural, Strawberry, Vanilla.
Price: 6,99 € (500 ml)
Supermarkets: Basic, Biocompany, Veganz
Main ingredient: fermented coconut milk

Wait, fermented coconut milk as an ice cream base we've not come across before. At first glance, the ice cream seems like a mousse, but we felt tiny ice crystals in our mouths when we tasted it. Therefore, we would recommend letting the cup thaw for a few minutes. The taste surprises us because the cocoa note is very present. We have to take another spoon directly. The coconut milk comes out perfectly. Everyone who likes cocoa and coconut is well advised with this ice cream.

Ben & Jerry's

A114 Store-bought vegan ice creams

Vegan varieties: Chunky Monkey, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Fudge Brownie & Cookies, Coconutterly Caramel'd
Price: up to 5,99 € (500 ml)
Supermarkets: Edeka, Kaufland, Real, Rewe, Spätis
Main ingredient: almonds

We fell in love with Ben&Jerrys with our first spoon. Julia already tried her first vegan Ben&Jerrys in New York, cause the US launched the vegan flavors a bit earlier. Our favorite is “Peanut Butter & Cookies“ cause the cookies are crisp, the flavor is intense and sweet and consistency alright. All of the flavors are based on almonds (we like), but you can hardly taste it. The ice cream needs a bit time to become softer and could be a bit softer, for our taste. But a fact we like: no one will recognize this ice cream is entirely plant-based. Even if the ingredient list is a bit too long, we think it's fantastic vegan ice cream.

Bonvita Bon'Ice

A114 Store-bought vegan ice creams

Vegan varieties: Dark Chocolate, Rice Milk
Price: 2,29 € (for 1 ice cream)
Supermarkets: Health food stores, Veganz
Main ingredients: rice milk, rice milk chocolate

We take our job as an ice cream test team very seriously and try both varieties. The chocolate has a great crunch - ready for advertising. With other vegan-style ice cream varieties, we've noticed the odd time that ice cream on a stick often turns out relatively small. Not with this one! In addition, we notice positively that the light filling comes along really creamy, for which we give a few plus points. However, it's relatively neutral in taste, so there is still room for improvement.

Booja Booja

A114 Store-bought vegan ice creams

Vegan flavors: Chocolate Salted Caramel, Caramel Pecan Praline, Raspberry Ripple, Hazelnut Chocolate Truffle, Keep Smiling Vanilla Gorilla, Hunky Punky Chocolate
Price: 8,80 € (500 ml)
Supermarkets: Veganz, Biomare, Biotopia, Reformhaus, LPG-Biomarkt, Denn's and some smaller organic stores
Based on: water and cashews

We already fell in love with Booja Booja when we saw the pretty packaging and read the sweet names of their ice cream flavors. We decided to go for “Hunky Punky Chocolate“ for our test and noticed that they take the chocolate ice cream game pretty serious. Some of our test eaters thought that it tastes almost too chocolaty and one tasted that it's made with cocoa powder. However, there are only four ingredients used for the ice cream which is impressive.


A114 Store-bought vegan ice creams

Vegan varieties: Caramel & Pecan, Chocolate & Hazelnut, Peanut Butter
Price: 5,99 € (500 ml)
Supermarkets: Rewe
Main ingredients: plant-based fats, oils, pea protein

We're no supporters of “light“ or sugar-reduced products but wanted to give this ice cream a chance. The texture of the ice cream is not creamy enough, and the taste of the sugar substitute was too present, for our taste — unfortunately, none of our favorites.

Capri + Flutschfinger

A114 Store-bought vegan ice creams

Vegan varieties: Orange, Lime-Strawberry-Orange
Price: 2,99 € (for 8-9 ice cream), 1€ (for 1 ice cream)
Supermarkets: Aldi, Edeka, Globus, Kaufland, Real, Rewe, tegut, kiosk, gas stations
Main ingredients: water, orange juice, sugar

Let's move on to the original ice creams. Vegan ice cream was already available in our childhood. Well, are there any Capri or Flutschfinger fans among us? We're a bit excited. How does the water ice taste after the long tasting break? Like a vacation! And summer in the outdoor pool. And sweet, very, very sweet. But anyway, that's part of it! We can't quite decide whether we find it incredibly good or it's way too much, somehow both. In any case, our favorite is Capri, which tastes like lemonade or orange-lemon candy and not too unnatural. Flutschfinger is probably used to magnetize us more because of its shape and bright colors. But when we think about it - ice cream in the shape of a colorful ringed hand with a raised index finger? Well, it still seems to be a big seller.


A114 Store-bought vegan ice creams

Vegan varieties: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry
Price: from 3,99 € (500 ml)
Supermarkets: Real, Kaufland
Main ingredients: coconut

Testing the ice cream of Carlotta, we immediately noticed a different consistency that even reminded us of mousse au chocolate. It's fluffy and very, very soft. Now, you have to decide because there are people who don't want their ice cream to be fluffy and then there are people who like this a lot. All flavors of Carlotta are based on coconut which you can taste, and which might also be the reason why the chocolate doesn't taste that intense. If you're looking for vegan “milk“-like ice cream, and are not the biggest fan of dark chocolate, this is the right ice cream for you.

Cornetto vegan & gluten-free (not available at the moment)

A114 Store-bought vegan ice creams (in Germany)

Vegan varieties: classic with chocolate and hazelnut
Price: 2,99 € (for a box of 4)
Supermarkets: Rewe, Edeka, Kaufland
Main ingredients: water, sugar, fat (and soy)

In general, it's super cool when companies veganize their “classics“, instead of creating fancy and hip new versions of their products. And it's even more remarkable that the new cornetto is not only vegan but also gluten-free. We really like it, even if the waffle could be more crisp for our taste. Plus: They didn't forget the chocolate in the waffle tip. Hell yeah!

Das Eis

A114 Store-bought vegan ice creams

Vegan varieties: more than 20 flavors (e.g., Choco Cookie Dough, Creme Karamell, Double Nut, Peanut Raspberry, Triple Choc)
Price: 5,99€ (500 ml)
Supermarkts: Alnatura, Basic, Denns, Edeka, Globus, Rewe, tegut
Main ingredient: oat

We've never eaten an ice cream by Das Eis before and chose to go with the flavor “Choco Cookie Dough“. Our ice cream jury disagreed on this one though. What everybody liked is that the oak isn't dominant and there's also no soy in this ice cream. The texture is kind of “milky“ and reminded us of whole milk chocolate. BUT the cookies... well, decide for yourself, some parts of the jury thought that they were too soft.


A114 Store-bought vegan ice creams

Vegan varieties: Chocolate, Coconut, Lemon sorbet, Vanilla
Price: 3,29 € (500 ml)
Supermarkets: Denns, Veganz
Main ingredients: coconut milk, fruit juice, rice drink

Well, what can we say? We weren't expecting that much at all from an organic market's brand. The package promises bourbon vanilla, which we like. The list of ingredients also looks clear and reads quite well (no E-numbers and sweetness through cane sugar). Then we tried and - were surprised. This ice cream is very airy and tastes like vanilla pudding or mousse dessert from the refrigerated counter! The ratio of taste to price performance is definitely right here, especially when considering that bourbon vanilla and no flavoring are involved. Maybe even a little insider tip? As a basic ice cream at the next family celebration, this one is very welcome in the future anyway. What we will add, though: It's sweet. For us, a small portion was enough.


A114 Store-bought vegan ice creams

Vegan varieties: 13 flavors (e.g. Blood Orange, Cassis, Fruit, Mango, Passion, Sweet Woodruff)
Price: 4,99 € (500 ml)
Supermarkets: Edeka, Metro, Kaufland, Real, Rewe
Main ingredients: water, fruit puree

The ice cream of Florida Eis is definitely one of our favorites when it comes to fruit ice cream. Their intense taste and creamy, almost “milky“ texture make us melt again and again. If you think that fruit ice cream is always frosty, then try out Florida ice cream! All flavors are available in small and large packages, some of them aren't vegan though. Since the company is originated in Berlin, you can find it almost everywhere in the city.

Gelatelli coconut ice cream

A114 Store-bought vegan ice creams

Vegan varieties: Chocolate Ice Cream with Coconut Milk, Coconut Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate and Almonds
Price: 2,99 € (for a box of 4)
Supermarket: Lidl
Main ingredients: coconut

We tested the coconut ice cream with dark chocolate and almonds, which looks very similar to the vegan Magnum ice cream we mentioned above.. but the filling makes a big difference! If you love coconut, this ice cream could be yours. Unfortunately, it wasn't creamy enough, for our taste.

Gelato Classico Organic Filled Chocolates

A114 Store-bought vegan ice creams

Vegan varieties: Coconut, Mango Passion Fruit
Price: 4,19 € (9 chocolates)
Supermarkets: Organic stores, Veganz
Main ingredients: coconut milk, dark chocolate, water

Do you know those “I need ice cream right now“-moments? These chocolates are made for just that, promise! They only consist of one sip. Okay, maybe two, we hold back and enjoy. Yet they taste delicious, the sweetness is nicely balanced, a light coconut note is there. Our ice cream pro tip: take them out of the freezer and let them thaw for a few minutes. This makes the sweet chocolate coconut confection mousse-like and a bit airy. Our only criticism is that even if everything here is organic and the ingredient list is manageable, the price is very high for so little ice cream.

Happy Coco

A114 Store-bought vegan ice creams

Vegan varieties: Caramel and Sea Salt, Chocolate, Lemon, Raspberry, Strawberry
Price: 1,99 € (120 ml)
Supermarkets: Basic, Denns, LPG Biomarkt
Main ingredients: coconut

There were mixed opinions about the flavor “Caramel Seasalt“ from Happy Coco during our test. Some of our ice cream eaters loved the combination of sweet and salty and the fluffy texture of the ice cream. The other ones weren't convinced and thought this combination with coconut was a bit too much. But if you like the taste of coconut, this ice cream is perfect for you. If you're not into it, better grab another one. By the way, Happy Coco is certified organic and new to the market.


A114 Store-bought vegan ice cream

Vegan varieties: Almond Choco Cinnamon, Almond Vanilla, Creamy Berry, Dark Chocolate, Golden Ice, Hazel Choc, Mango, Pumpkin Seed, Salty Peanut, Wild Berry
Price: 7,99 € (400 ml)
Supermarkets: Alnatura, Basic, Denns, Reformhaus, Vitalia
Main ingredients: cashew

We're introducing the most expensive ice cream of our test by now: iceDate! At first, we definitely like the ingredients of this ice cream: they're using dates instead of refined sugar and a cashew cream made of cashews and water. Almond vanilla only consists of five ingredients, wow! But unfortunately, the taste and the consistency weren't convincing. The ice cream needs a lot of time to become soft, and the flavor of dates is a bit too intense for our taste.


A114 Store-bought vegan ice cream

Vegan varieties: Double Chocolate, Mango Red Berries, Mint Chocolate, Pistachio
Price: 6,19 € (500 ml)
Supermarket: Biocompany, Denns, Veganz
Main ingredient: cashew, field beans

Jymy - the cup promises ice cream from Finland in organic quality, but a little caution is advised when buying because not all varieties are vegan. But the ones who are, sound excellent. Double chocolate (vegan white and dark chocolate), pistachio, or mint chocolate are partly on a field bean basis. Well, there, we are curious. Part of our professional ice-cream testing team thinks mint doesn't belong in chocolate. That's good because now we can say with a clear conscience: if you don't like the combination chocolate-mint, don't buy this ice cream. For everyone else: Try UNCONDITIONALLY this ice cream! Wow, really intense and full-bodied, creamy, and slightly mousse-like when thawed with a subtle hint of salt and crunchy chocolate pieces. We love it. If you like After Eight or mint chocolate lentils, this ice cream will make you very happy. Just like us, a favorite ice cream, definitely.


A114 Store-bought vegan ice creams

Vegan varieties: Goji Berries & Pumpkin Seed Oil, Pistachio Chocolate Bits, Roasted Almonds & Maple Syrup
Price: 6,95 (500 ml)
Supermarkets: Budnikovsky, Edeka, Real, Rewe, Kaufland
Main ingredients: oats, coconut

It's the first time we are trying Luicella's Ice Cream. We bought “pistachio chocolate bits“ and fell in love with it. The texture is kind of “milky“ and creamy! The taste of the pistachio could be a bit more intense. The pistachio lovers were a bit sad about it, but the others loved it, cause it reminded us of stracciatella ice cream.

There are two shops of Luicella's Ice Cream in Hamburg: one in St. Pauli and one in St. Georg. By the way: not all flavors are vegan so always keep in mind to check the ingredients.


A114 Store-bought vegan ice cream

Vegan varieties: Ice Cream in a Cup: Cookie + Cocoa, Cookie + Caramel, Chocolate, Lughurt-Strawberry, Vanilla, Ice Cream on a Stick: Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla.
Price: 3,99 € (450 ml) 4,99 € (for 6 ice creams)
Supermarket: Globus, Kaufland, Real, Rewe, Selgros, tegut, Veganz, Online (Kokku, Vantastic Foods)
Main ingredient: lupine

Huiiiiii, here, childhood memories are awakened definitely. We are really happy that Luve made a vegan strawberry yogurt ice cream out of the strawberry ice cream. It tastes, you wouldn't believe it, 100% like strawberry yogurt, like breakfast, like the favorite snack in between. And like a very familiar little fruit-milk product, we used to put in a stick, freeze, and happily lick away on summer afternoons. It could be a little bit creamier for us, otherwise - excellent ice cream cinema.

In addition, we don't miss the opportunity to test the ice cream on a stick. In the ice cream tasting, we are conscientious! It's the chocolate variety. The ice cream isn't too big and therefore ideal for the sweet hunger in between. Covered by a very thin layer of chocolate, inside creamy-chocolaty and not too sweet, here too we come to a conclusion: very tasty.


A114 Store-bought vegan ice creams

Vegan varieties: Chocolate Cookie Dough, Hazelnut Vanilla Chocolate Swirl, Mango Cassis, Peanut Chocolate Split, Raspberry Chocolate Split, Salted Caramel, Vanilla Cookie Dough
Price: 5,99 € (550 ml)
Supermarkets: Alnatura, Dennree, Edeka, Kaufland, Rewe, tegut
Main ingredient: water, coconut

Before this test, we've already eaten many varieties of lycka and must, unfortunately, confess that we weren't the biggest fans before. Since the recipe change, however, we like it much better! For our test, we immediately stocked up on four varieties. The consistency of all types is excellent creamy and not a bit icy (even with the fruit ice cream varieties) - we really like that very much. Unfortunately, the peanut ice cream is slightly too mild for our taste, as biiiiig peanut fans. The super intense, slightly tart flavor and the chocolate shavings stood out positively with the raspberry ice cream. Also, the taste is very intense in the mango ice cream, but unfortunately a bit too artificial for us. We also find that the cassis part could stand out more. Finally, the chocolate ice cream is VERY chocolaty! For us, a scoop of fruit ice cream belongs to this ice cream as a balance. The Cookie Dough pieces are plentiful but aren't as present taste-wise, and it feels a bit like you're biting on sugar. But what we think is great is that lycka now only makes vegan food, uses 100% natural ingredients, the ingredient list is relatively short, and each sold ice cream provides a school meal for a child in East Africa.

Vegan Magnum

A114 Store-bought vegan ice creams

Vegan varieties: Magnum Vegan Almond, Magnum Vegan Classic, Magnum Vegan Sea Salt Caramel
Price: 2,19 € (for a box of 3)
Supermarkets: Aldi, Edeka, Rewe, tegut
Main ingredients: pea protein

We were very, very happy that the vegan Magnum is now also available in Germany. The vanilla ice cream is excellent creamy and not too sweet, and the dark chocolate coating (just like in our memories) wonderfully crunchy. We are huge fans, even if Langnese is behind it! The Sea Salt Caramel, on the other hand, convinces us less.


A114 Store-bought vegan ice cream

Vegan varieties: Coconut Nature, Coconut Ice Chocolate, Coconut Ice Salted Caramel, Coconut Ice Mango
Price: 4,99 € (500 ml)
Supermarket: Health food stores
Main ingredient: coconut milk

Be sure to let this ice cream thaw before enjoying it. We had difficulties forming scoops. We noticed this as well when we taste-tested it. It's not as creamy and soft as some other flavors. Taste-wise, we like it a bit. A subtle chocolate ice cream with a slight coconut note.


A114 Store-bought vegan ice cream

Vegan varieties: Coconut, Rice, Soy
Price: 4,99 € (for 4 ice creams)
Supermarkets: Health food stores, Veganz
Main ingredients: coconut, rice, soy

This ice cream on a stick looks like the mini-style ice cream classic from the supermarket - the one with a vanilla ice cream core and crunchy chocolate coating. When biting off (the chocolate crunches great), the ice cream then surprises us. We test the variety of coconut, and it reminds us of the taste of a completely different known candy from the old days. We only say that much: chocolate bar and coconut. And this as an ice cream! The cream is admittedly a bit watery and crystalline, more like a sorbet, and should be creamier for us. But otherwise - crazy good.


A114 Store-bought vegan ice cream

Vegan varieties: Banana Chocolate, Blackcurrant, Coconut, Cocoa, Mango, Peanut, Raspberry, Vanilla
Price: 5,99 € (500 ml)
Supermarkets: Alnatura, Denns, Rewe, Edeka
Main ingredients: depending on the variety of fruit puree or water, peanut, coconut milk

Oh yes, we wanted to try Nomoo for such a long time! Unfortunately, they aren't represented in every supermarket, so a small tip from our side: On the website, there's a list of stores that carry the ice cream in the assortment. We found it in the small supermarket around the corner! And we couldn't quite decide - coconut, banana-chocolate? In the end, Peanut lands in our jute bag, a top choice, as it turns out. The ice cream is a bit watery, more like a sorbet, and should be a bit creamier. The intense peanut flavor was incredible - the perfect balance of sweet and salty, pure peanut. We all agree - very tasty! Nomoo are climate positive, by the way, wow! If it's up to us, others are welcome to take an example from them.

REWE Almond ice cream

A114 Store-bought vegan ice creams

Vegan varieties: Choco Triple, Peanut Cookie, Banana Chunk
Price: 3,99 € (500 ml)
Supermarket: Rewe
Main ingredients: Almond

Unfortunately, we only found “Triple Chocolate“ at our supermarket, but one flavor should be enough for the first impression. And what's written on the package that's also inside: chocolate ice cream, pieces of chocolate brownie and chocolate sauce. Sounds pretty heavy and yes, that's it. The ice cream is super creamy, and the brownie chunks taste good, but it's almost impossible to eat more than 1 scoop of this ice cream.

REWE soy ice cream on a stick

A114 Store-bought vegan ice creams

Vegan varieties: Vanilla Passion Fruit, Vanilla Wild Berry
Price: from 1,79 € (for 4 ice creams on a stick)
Supermarket: Rewe
Main ingredients: soy

We are quite impressed with both flavors as we can't find anything to criticize – from texture to taste of the ice cream itself and the fruity coating everything is perfect. So far, we haven't seen a comparable vegan ice cream on a stick in this price range. Not only us, but all our test eaters are fans!

take it veggie

A114 Store-bought vegan ice cream

Vegan varieties: Ice Cream in a Cup: Banana, Vanilla, Ice Cream on a Stick: Soy Bourbon Vanilla, Ice Cream in a Wafer: Wafer Cone Vanilla
Price: 1,99 € (500 ml)
Supermarket: Kaufland
Main ingredient: soy

The vanilla ice cream, from take it veggie has an unusual texture, more like a souffle and even reminding us slightly of pudding. Some of our test eaters liked it - some others didn't, so try it to find out what you're thinking. Still, this ice cream surprised some of our test eaters because it has an intense vanilla flavor and doesn't taste like soy at all. Altogether it's delicious ice cream for a super low price.


A114 Store-bought vegan ice cream

Vegan varieties: Ice Cream in a Cup: Mango-Pineapple, Tiramisu, Tartufo, Ice Cream on a Stick: Light Soy Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate Coating, Ice Cream in a Wafer: Chocolate-Hazelnut
Price: 3,99 € (510 ml), 3,79 € (for 4 cones or 3 sticks of ice cream)
Supermarkets: Globus, Veganz
Main ingredients: cashew, soy, coconut

Okay, the tiramisu ice cream had to come with us. We've discovered the variety at Veganz and, unfortunately, nowhere else. Let it melt in your mouth (like melting ice cream): Vegan Tiramisu ice cream. We're directly amazed when opening - the ice cream has a small hood of cocoa, like an authentic mini tiramisu, wow. Valsoia is, after all, an Italian company and known experts in the coffee layered dessert game. The ice cream base is creamy and flavorful for us, also a hit. By the way, Valsoia also makes ice cream in a wafer. We really like the cork-edge chocolate topping, but unfortunately, the wafer is not crispy.

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