A12 Recipes for your vegan BBQ

7 recipes for a vegan BBQ

Every few months we dedicate a whole week to a special topic on our blog. Following the theme, we publish a new recipe every day, from drinks and snacks to main courses and desserts. So far, we’ve already celebrated a pasta, party and picnic week and shared seven dishes from our childhood. Check out all past themed weeks here.

A lot of people don’t know what to prepare for a vegan BBQ. But a thousand ideas immediately come to our mind! We prepared seven vegan BBQ recipes and will publish them day by day. Time for another episode of “7 Days, 7 Recipes“!

Monday: Vegan macaroni salad with almond dressing

R206 Vegan maccaroni salad with almond dressing

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Tuesday: Grilled soy steaks in spiced marinade

R41 Grilled soy steaks in spiced marinade

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Wednesday: Vegan onion dip

R87 Vegan onion dip

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Thursday: Grilled vegetable salad with beluga lentils and sesame dressing

R284 Grilled vegetable salad with beluga lentils and sesame dressing

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Friday: Vegan herb butter & tomato butter

R46 Herb and tomato butter

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Saturday: Vegan & soy-free BBQ sausages

R183 Vegan & soy-free BBQ sausages

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Sunday: Grilled bananas with chocolate & marshmallows

R47 Grilled banana with chocolate & marshmallows

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