In March, we teamed up with seven vegan dumpling recipes and showed you all the fillings and folding techniques you need to know. Now, it's time for the next edition of "7 days 7 recipes," and we dedicate this week to the most loved breakfast sweety in the world: pancakes. Send the invitations for your next Sunday brunch to your friends and family. It's getting fluffy in here!

We prepared small, big, savory, green, and simple vegan pancakes for you. Every day we publish a new recipe. We collect all seven recipes in this blog post for you!

1. 3-Ingredient Sweet Potato Pancakes

2. Vegan chocolate pancakes with tahini

3. Vegan, savory spinach pancakes

4. Vegan Yeast Pancakes with Apples

5. Vegan Pancake Burger with soy steaks

6. Quick, vegan Deep Dish Pancake with Berries

7. Vegan Kimchi Pancakes with Gochujang Dip

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