7 vegan & savory finger food recipes for New Years Eve

On Zucker&Jagdwurst you will find so many recipes that it can sometimes be difficult to find exactly the right one for the moment. For that, we've categorized our recipes, but if you want to be more specific, you'll hopefully find the right dish in our recipe collections – for example if you're looking for soy-free desserts, hangover food, and what to eat when you have a cold. You can find all recipe collections here.

Whether you throw a party or are invited: a special and sumptuous buffet has to be planned. Cause there is nothing worse than starting the new year hungry, right? We collected 7 recipes everyone at the party can enjoy without a fork or knife and easily gobble while passing by.

If you need some sweet ideas, we recommend a large bowl of sweet and salty popcorn, [vegan choco crossies] (https://www.zuckerjagdwurst.com/en/recipes/vegane-choco-crossies), [nut butter cups] (https://www.zuckerjagdwurst.com/en/recipes/3-ways-to-make-nut-butter-cups) or a [cheese cake with caramel] (https://www.zuckerjagdwurst.com/en/recipes/vegan-caramel-cheesecake). But now let's have a look at our hearty finger food suggestions!

Vegan jackfruit “chicken“ nuggets

R315 Vegan Jackfruit Nuggets

Vegan cigarette borek with spinach

R343 Vegan cigarette börek with spinach

Homemade hummus

R51 3 recipes for your hummus party

Vegan Pizza Rolls

R152 Vegan pizza rolls

Vegan Buffalo Cauliflower Wings

R154 Vegan Buffalo Cauliflower Wings

Vegan Mini Blinis with Carrot Lox

R151 Vegan mini blinis

Taco Cups with Chili con Sweet Potato

R239 Taco Cups

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