How to Eat Vegan in Lisbon: Our favorite restaurants

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Cities at the sea are always beautiful. For real, always. But with the sea comes fish and so it can be tricky to get vegan dishes there easily. Lisbon is no exception, they even got a kind of restaurant-deli-inbetween-thing where you can only get canned sardines. Still, there are quite a few good spots for vegans. But always keep in mind: Portuguese people are taking a siesta where nearly every store is closed. So try to adop this way of life, planning your meals around it so you don’t have to stroll around with your belly grumbling.


Perfect as a little snack, Lissabon „came up“ with something great. At many corners you’ll find chestnut stalls. Normally I don’t even like them, but I ate them a few times during our stay. The chestnuts are laid in ash (so don’t worry about the color) and are still quite moist inside. Yumm.

Hamburgueria do Bairro

„Hamburgueria do Bairro“ is a small burger chain in Lisbon that you can find at various places. Besides meat burgers they offer options with tofu, portobello, seitan and beans. Be careful, they come with cheese, that you can simply un-order. Also be careful with the sauces and ask the stuff to be sure which of them are vegan. Et voila, vegan burger. Grab some sweet potato fries and carry on happily and full.

Primo Basilico

A small spot of Italy in Lisbon. They claim to serve authentic Italian pizza at Primo Basilico, which is kind of true (I always remember the pizza in Rome with heart-shaped eyes), but who cares anyway, because the pizza here tastes just fine! They have a wide range to offer with a lot of meat and vegan options (vegan cheese, yay). The staff is happy to explain what you can eat. Unfortunately the space is not that big, so better take your pizza to go.

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