How to Eat Vegan in Cologne: Our favorite restaurants

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Sending kisses to Cologne! Actually we know Cologne quite well. Some years ago Isa lived in Cologne for six months. Julia has spend only one weekend there. Nevertheless, all that is long ago, so we had to fall back on our Instagram Accounts to show you all the spots we want to recommend now. You can find a lot of vegan spots here, even the city is not that big. Send Cologne some warm greetings from us and check out some of the spots, you will love them like we do! The first spots are from Isa, the last two ones are from Julia.

Bay Area Burrito

I’ve searched very long for a vegan burrito in Cologne. You won’t find that many shops, so the Bay Area Burrito was like heaven for me. The burritos are a bit small, but taste good and will bring your mexican, vegan heart to smile.

Krua Thai

We visited the Krua Thai on a very hot summer day and it was very crowded. But: it’s really, really yummy and their prices are really good for Cologne.


Anyone visiting Cologne should go to Schmitz. They have three shops at Aachener Straße: a bar, a saloon and the Coco Schmitz. The last one is a club, in the saloon you get quiches and soups and in the bar you get drinks and beautiful vegan sorbets. They are sooooo good – so try as many as possible.


I really loved the Ecco and their brunch. They have so many beautiful dishes, oh my.. I only tried their brunch, but for like three times? The brunch is always from Monday to Friday from 10am to 3pm and the whole day on Saturday and Sunday. The right side of their brunch is always omnivorous, the left side is completely vegan. They have a good mix of pasta salad, curry, mousse and cakes.

Bio Gourmet Club

BioGourmetClub sounds a bit posh, but it’s actually a real good thing. They run a lot of different events, so you should have a look at their website before you go to Cologne. They offer workshops & cooking classes and when I visited the club, I had a cooking class for raw vegan desserts or something with blenders and stuff. When I was there, they had a lot of yummy mousse and vegan “Mett”.


Supasalad is perfect for your lunch parties. They have salads, pastas, fresh bread and yummy dressings. You can find six other stores in Cologne, so try them out!

Danke Augusta

Unfortunately, “Danke Augusta” only opens in summer, because it’s located in the Botanic Garden in the Northern part of Cologne. They always offer small dishes, like salads and bread. The view of the garden is also very, very nice.

Bunte Burger

A64 Reiseguide Köln

Bunte Burger is located in Ehrenfeld and is a full vegan restaurant. They don’t serve lame burgers, but have a food truck AND deliver them to your home! They top their yummy (and if desired gluten free) buns with chutney-dressing, ajvar pesto, seitan, chicken nuggets, polenta, portobello bacon and vegan cheese. With some onion rings and mousse au chocolat, you don’t need something else for the rest of your week.

Café Rotkehlchen

A64 Reiseguide Köln

Maybe I wouldn’t have discovered the Café Rotkehlchen, if not for my incredible adventurous city guide who brought me to this perfect spot for coffee and cake. They also offer breakfast, snacks, salat and a lot of vegan options. We tried the breakfast and it was really, really good and satisfying. And even if it sounds weird: have a look at their toilets.

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