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It's the fourth recipe our series “Make a Wish“, say hi to our recipe for vegan French Toast! You wrote us your wish and we make it happen. French Toasts are normally made with milk and eggs. So the hard part of this recipe was to find an exceptable replacement for the eggs (cause replacing milk is no problem, guys). We used chickpea flour to get a smooth mixture and loved the taste of it. Top the french toast with whipped cream, berries, chocolate or maple syrup or whatever you prefer. It's breakfast made in heaven!

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Vegan French Toast

20 minutes




  1. Mix plant-based milk, chickpea flour, agave nectar, vanilla extract, oil and cinnamon in a bowl.
  2. Dip each side of each toast into the mixture.
  3. On medium-high heat, melt vegan butter in a pan and fry each toast on both sides until golden-brown.
  4. Whip vegan cream with stabilizer for whipping cream and vanilla sugar. Wash berries.
  5. Serve french toasts with whipped cream, berries and agave nectar. Enjoy warm!
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